at-front-line-of-information-warGreetings, my dear beloved children!

I would like to address my today’s message to those of you who are at the front line of the struggle against globalists.

And they are actually a whole army of the people who are ready to sacrifice a lot including their life for the sake of justice establishment on your long-suffered planet.

Who do I rank among this category of people?

First of all, of course, those who protect not only their own country’s interests but also universal human values and people’s right to decide their own destiny themselves.

And it is of great importance to understand since right now almost all the countries of the world are in the grip of the deep state and a small group of their marionettes that promote the programme of humanity enslavement at the physical level.

Perhaps, many of you have noticed that they are in a hurry indeed making use of all the tools of power for intimidation of population and spreading of chaos, panic and fear.

All this runs hand in hand with a swift increase of Earth’s vibrations and those of pure Divine souls.

This is exactly what has become the main threat for globalists and their protégés at the helm.

And it is so, before all, because almost all of them lacking a Divine Soul cannot adapt to these new high vibration energies.

So as to prolong their existence somehow, they are trying to decrease the vibrations of Earth and people as much as possible by all the means available to them.

Disturbances now in progress in Europe are aimed exactly at this – to drag back – to the third dimension world – its inhabitants that are objects to threat and violence for the side of a crowd of biorobots and clones that have gone mad and hundreds of thousands of which have congested Europe at the instigation of the deep state.

They got a clear order: to set on fire and ruin everything on their way, lift shops and intimidate the population.

And the population has turned out not ready for such a revelry of gangsterism.

Unfortunately, the people who get information exclusively from the mainstream sources cannot even imagine the scale of their governments’ crimes that are in total submission to the deep state.

Therefore, now it is high time to intensify the struggle against globalists at the forefront of information war that has been made by them against humanity for several decades now.

This is the only way to stop the madness that is unfolding all over the world and has seized all the spheres of your life, the most dangerous of which is encroachment on health and psyche of your children.

And now you have profound arguments for those who called any statements against government actions conspiracy theory or conspirology not long ago.

As you see, life is arranging everything right and all the secret things are becoming evident for everybody now and not only for a group of the revived.

But the responsibility on you is huge since the battles on the information field turn out as dangerous as at a real battleground.

Your enemy still has all the tools of power at their disposal that is why it is only possible to gain a victory over them by a daily growing number of the revived people and solidarity of all the revived population of Earth.

Remember the well-known expression: “Knowledge is Power”.

And let the knowing of a true picture of the current events encourage all the people who are willing to live a free and happy life on the new Earth of the Fifth dimension.

I bless you and love you immensely!

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on July 3, 2023.

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