LIFE ON NEW EARTH (Reptiloid collective conscience energy grid dissolution)

life-on-new-earth-reptiloid-collective-conscience-energy-grid-dissolutionGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Now, when you know the underlying reason of the events taking place on Earth we will move on to the next stage of work with them.

But as you understand, so as to make physical reality change it is necessary to work at the subtle level first – in terms of energy.

And this time your work will be pointwise since now you can clearly and distinctly imagine the whole power structure of your society and see all the participants of the current events.

On the one hand, it makes your task easier but, on the other hand, you should realize how durable this “hitching” is that has been created for centuries between all the “floors” of power both above and below.

Since the energy “grid” of reptiloid collective conscience has entangled the whole Earth and it is the grid that is the basis and guarantee of all superiors’ instructions’ execution who the Dragons and the Dragon reptiles are, you should start your work with the destruction of just this structure.

For this purpose the Energy of the Universe Love Flame is the best one.

Yet, I would like it to be not a meditation or one-time séance but systematic work of each of you.

And it is as follows.

As often as possible – at least once a day – do your best to invoke all the Higher Powers of the Universe and all human-friendly extraterrestrial civilizations so as by mutual efforts to dissolve the energy grid of reptiloid collective conscience by the Flame of Universe Love.

At this moment you can visualize Earth and watch the process initiated by you burning down, like Bickford fuse, all the hexahedral cells of this devil “web” all around your planet.

If you are accustomed to work with hands, you will feel by all means the flow coming out of them becoming intensified manifold due to the fact it will be joined in by the energies of the assistants you invoked from the subtle level.

In this case you will be a highest vibration energies concentration point that, thanks to your being embodied and finding yourself directly on Earth, will function as a “detonator” of the dissolution process, and, consequently, the desired effect will come into being much faster than if the process were participated in ONLY by the Higher Powers.

In other words, you will speed up the events materialization process – their descending from the subtle level directly to Earth.

What events do I mean?

Before all, it is disorientation of middle and low caste reptiloids, which is really essential.

They are the very executors who implement the plan on humanity enslavement by means of imposed quarantine and vaccination and chipping that will follow.

But if you accompany your energy work with specific measures such as peaceful protest actions and numerous petitions aimed against the absurd instructions imposed on you, it will give quick and positive result.

And it is impossible to delay it, my dear, since the “wounded beast” is becoming twice as dangerous, and you see this perfectly well by chaotic and haste performance of officials at all the levels of power.

Work calmly, systematically and with confidence.

Visualize the final result as distinctly as possible: the happy and cheerful people recovered from the lethargy who have gained the long-awaited freedom.

I bless you and love you immensely!

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on August 20, 2021.

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