victory-strategyGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Today we will talk about the current events on your planet.

It is these April days when the outcome of fight between the Light Forces and the Dark Forces shows at the physical level this time.

And it is explained by the fact that more and more people start seeing the backstage intrigue of the world government and its representatives at power.

The efforts of the light souls who all recent years and especially months have been preparing human conscience for receiving new shocking information were not in vain.

Thus, humanity has reached the inevitable full-scale Revelation – Apocalypse that was said about in many of your sacred books.

During these weeks the world was really at the threshold of another world war that the cornered Dragon reptiles were trying to unleash, the ones who cannot put up with their defeat and the loss of the titbit that your planet is for them.

And but for the support of your Galaxy family that closely cooperates with its representatives on Earth, everything could have ended in a quite regretful way.

Unfortunately, treason and disagreement among the representatives of the Light Forces embodied as humans allowed the situation on Earth to reach the “boiling point”.

But this is the reality of the third dimension world where even the purest and lightest souls are susceptible to negative energy influence and sometimes cannot resist the temptation of power and money.

There is in progress a complicated and intricate backstage game indeed.

And while the Dragon reptiles and reptiloids work in accordance with a clear-cut programme and, consequently, are easily predictable, the Light Forces representatives continue learning their dual world lessons and often fall victims to “traps” set for them at every turn, that is, the situations they cannot always overcome with honour and no harm to their Soul.

Yet, the odds are in favour of the Light Forces and in the face of real danger it was possible to sort out all the disagreements among their representatives in different countries and different institutions of power, so now they act in consistence with one accurately verified strategy – the one that was initially worked out by its creators.

And it is essential now that each of you promote this plan’s implementation imbuing it with the energies of highest vibrations thereby helping the brave people who are direct executors of it and who risk their lives every day for the sake of salvation of Earth and her best representatives.

Join in, my dear, this last and crucial fight with the Dark Forces on Earth.

But, please, do it with no hatred to your enslavers, which will just consolidate their position imbuing it with their native energy they love so much.

Let calm confidence that you have already won hold sway over your Soul, and that each earthling will reap as they have sown leaving for the worlds they can be attracted to according to their present vibrations and in consistence with the Law of the Free Will.

I bless you and love you immensely!

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on April 13, 2021.

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