window-on-new-world-dreamsGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Today I would like to go on talking about your interaction with extraterrestrial civilizations.

I know that some of you not only contact them in terms of energy but also undertake astral trips too, most often while sleeping.

Therefore, I would like to warn you against the threats that lie in wait for you during such “trips”.

I will also tell you about the signs that can help identify whether you really find yourselves in the worlds of high dimensions or it was astral beings’ tricks.

Well, you have two ways of getting in other worlds of your Galaxy and even those of the Universe by your conscience and subtle bodies.

The first option is dreams.

As a rule, it is when you sleep that your Soul leaves the body and travels around other worlds.

But the choice of the worlds it gets into is totally determined by your condition at the moment you fall asleep, both physical and emotional.

There can be plenty of choices: from trips in the lower astral when you have nightmares and you awake in cold sweat to going out of the near-earth energy space and getting into the worlds of high dimensions and then you wake up feeling perfectly blessed.

It is this condition – at the moment you awake – that is the main criterion of what worlds you were wandering around at night.

In between these “extreme” conditions there are a lot of intermediary ones – complex, combined, contradictory ones when it is hard for you to identify what your dream means.

That is why I would like to give you some hints concerning this.

But first, let us look into what prophetic dream is and what it is not.

The main feature of a prophetic dream is extreme clearness and lucidity.

If it is really important for you, your Heavenly assistants will do their best so that you remember it at once or recall later.

But the decoding of such a crucial dream depends on you only.

No dream books or friends will be able to help you with this since dream books are compiled on the basis of astral dreams typical of most of Earth’s population whose souls travel around in near-earth astral layers at night – from the upper to the lower ones.

This accounts for the general decoding of dreams, and sometimes there are coincidences with what is mentioned in dream books.

But sometimes dreams are the way for your Soul to “get through” to you when it wants to help you find the way out of a complicated situation and then you can actually have prophetic dreams.

There are some cases when desperately missing its Star family your Soul manages to pay them a visit.

This is the reason for you to have amazing and unusual dreams when you find yourselves in the worlds that seem fantastic to you but are, as a matter of fact, your Home.

Yet, it happens rarely indeed – in exceptional cases and it is only possible to understand that you actually were on your “native” planet judging by the “aftertaste” you get after such a dream.

If you feel joy and happiness after it, if you are overflowing with the energy of Love, it means it was really the world of high vibrations.

While if the dream stirs fear and distrust in you, the pictures of another civilization were likely to have been “painted” by astral beings who have made great progress in this.

Therefore, be very attentive to your inner response to dreams – especially the very first one.

It is this response that is right as it originates in the Soul, not Mind.

Here we will stop for today.

Loving you endlessly,

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on December 30, 2022.

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