WINDOW ON NEW WORLD (Karmic “genealogy”)

window-on-new-world-karmic-genealogyGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Today I would like to go on talking about your relations with extraterrestrial civilizations but to approach this issue from a little different point of view.

The thing is that every person takes the issue of aliens not only depending on the width of their knowledge about their existence that is drawn from a variety of sources but also depending on their karmic “genealogy”.

A lot of those who are now embodied on Earth have been born on other planets of your Galaxy many times, and the memory about it is kept in your Souls and hearts.

Looking at the stars a lot of people feel inexplicable melancholy.

This way your Soul “prompts” you that it is there that your true Home is and that Earth is just your temporary shelter – business trip to another world, rather dangerous at that, since you have descended here without “safety harnesses” – with you memory having been temporary blocked.

Yet, it is these people who take the information about other planets and their inhabitants not by Mind but by heart – they feel by intuition what is right and what is wrong, what is Light and what is Dark.

Everybody has it their own way – depending on how often a certain person’s Soul has come to Earth before.

If it has incarnated a lot of times, then karmic memory of these incarnations can “overweigh” the deep memory about other planets where it was born long ago.

The memory of your Soul can be compared with a computer disk that contains the information about all your incarnations.

But the heavier the “file” of this or that place of its stay, the more significant the influence it produces on your deep karmic memory.

So, for example, hundreds of incarnations on Earth will definitely force out single incarnations on other planets.

And, on the contrary, a person that has come to Earth for the first time feels uncomfortable here and their Soul is longing for going upwards, to the worlds of high dimensions – far away from this third dimension world unfamiliar to it.

Perhaps, each of you has come across such people that are commonly called “Johnny Head-in Air”.

And this expression is not accidental at all – such people have actually come from other worlds that are reigned by Freedom, Equality and Brotherhood under the aegis of Unconditional Love.

That is why any display of cruelty, rudeness or aggression is rejected by them at the deep – karmic – level resulting in by far the severest psychological shock.

But there are other – neutral – planets that have reached, for example, the fourth dimension.

The Souls that have come to Earth from those planets feel more at ease here than those who have arrived from the worlds of higher dimensions though they are also shocked by the injustice that holds sway over Earth.

Yet, these souls still can get adapted to the dual world and are not viewed as “white crows” that much.

I tell you, my dear, about this not for you to start learning your space “genealogy” but for you to get a more detailed picture of people’s perception of the information about your Galaxy brothers and sisters.

I hope, it will help you understand why some people treat such information with mockery and even aggression, while others are eager to gain this knowledge taking it in by heart and Soul.

It will also help you feel in case of what people it is possible to touch upon this subject while talking and what people make it impossible, same as it is not possible to talk about Ascension with everyone or simply about some spiritual things – beyond material scope.

Do not squander your strengths, my dear, talking about the things dear to you with those who cannot accept them due to their karmic limited resources or their genealogic background.

You had better get concentrated on your own feelings and energy interaction with your Star family.

And I bless you for this!

Loving you endlessly,

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on December 29, 2022.

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