LIFE ON NEW EARTH (Spiritual diplomacy)

life-on-new-earth-spiritual-diplomacyGreetings, my dear beloved children!

For my previous message to be continued, now we will talk about the niceties of your interlocutor’s moral principles identification.

Why do I lay such a heavy emphasis on this?

Before all, because with this factor being neglected any talk about spirituality and a new approach to life makes no sense.

Imagine, for example, in what way a true believer can react to your saying that their religion was inflicted by reptiloids for enslavement of people.

They are most likely to think you are insane.

Well, their canonical belief in God and following all church ceremonies have not just penetrated their conscience and subconscience, but have turned into their lifestyle.

And if you try to break their system of beliefs at a time, you will bring them not Love and Light but will just cause pain and suffering.

Unfortunately, up till now a lot of good and decent people have their moral principles based on religious dogmas especially if they were cultivated from the very birth.

That is why these people should be treated in a specifically careful way.

Well, how can the truth be communicated to them without their souls being hurt?

The best thing to do is to speak in a roundabout way and start with the world government’s crimes against humanity, and only after they make sure that the demolition of the old world will bring them joyful renewal, you can cautiously communicate to them the fact about the perversion of religions running simultaneously with the perversion of universe human norms and moral principles.

And now let us consider the other extreme and talk about the people who lack any moral principles or moral restrictions whatsoever, in other words, whose life credo is permissiveness in all its manifestations.

For such people the upcoming changes will also be rather painful since the world they lived in and felt quite free and easy will start spinning out of control.

The thing is that they were living according to the very patterns artificially introduced into society that were aimed at destroying Divine universal human values and at imposing of everything most disgusting, vulgar and perverted.

Unfortunately, it has become a moral norm for many and many people now.

But believe me, my dear, among them there also rank pure and light souls that simply lacked the power of Spirit to oppose the majority.

It is especially typical of teenagers who are striving to self-assert due to being OTHER-DIRECTED often acting in a way uncharacteristic of them.

So, how can you talk to such people?

You should try to make them think about whether such lack of moral restrain brings them joy, whether they are happy with the regular change of sexual “partners” or with the intimacy based on benefit – in a word, with everything that does not feature sincere love and purity.

Aren’t they sick at heart after another deception? Aren’t they suffering from pricks of conscience? Isn’t it better to get rid of this heavy burden?

Yet, it is essential an individual drives to the conclusion of their lifestyle being NOT THEIR but imposed from without themselves, that they THEMSELVES make a decision to change their life and their moral principles.

And in this they are supported by high vibration Divine energies purifying their conscience from everything superficial and alien to man.

While if you start moralizing from the very beginning and say “right” words, it will just excite their rejection thereby retarding their spiritual growth.

In a word, my dear, you should learn to be spiritual “diplomats” in a profound and skillful way helping people change their worldview in order to smoothly and harmoniously fit into a new society that you are to create together on the Earth of the Fifth dimension.

And I bless you for this!

Loving you endlessly,

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on January 12, 2021.

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