WINDOW ON NEW WORLD (Cooperation at the physical level)

window-on-new-world-cooperation-at-the-physical-levelGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Today we will consider the third stage of extraterrestrial civilizations’ interaction with earthlings.

It implies direct collaboration at the physical level now.

And though it is a matter of the future, I would like to show you the key landmarks and methods of your interaction.

In what way will it be different from the things that used to be before when human-friendly civilizations were trying to help you introduce new technologies?

In fact, all these developments got into the hands of if not criminals as it was in case of the results of the Greys’ collaboration with Nazis, then in the hands of the military who used them for their own benefit having deprived people of the unique technologies that people are in such need of.

Therefore, taking into account the previous experience, the collaboration of aliens with earthlings will run exclusively on a peaceful basis.

And first of all, you will be provided with the technologies necessary for your everyday life such as free energy, superhigh-speed means of transport and methods of purification of water and soil and rendering them harmless from the chemicals that have been accumulated in them.

A lot of attention will be also paid to your health improvement and healing that will be based on wave therapy, not chemical preparations or surgery.

As long as Earth is advancing to the Fifth dimension the agriculture will be maintained in quite a different way.

Chemical fertilizers will be replaced by natural “healers” of soil, there will also rise a lot of new kinds of grains, fruit and vegetables both those introduced from other planets and also old restored ones that were growing on Earth at the times of her prosperity.

The animal kingdom will also change since some – low vibration – species of animals will gradually leave Earth, while others – high vibration, on the contrary, will come back to her since the genetic fund of Agartha keeps “traces” of not only all the civilizations that existed on your planet but also of her flora and fauna.

You have a unique combination ahead of you, that of the old – forgotten – and the new that is brought from without, which will enrich your Earth incredibly and thanks to this it will become even more beautiful.

But for this to happen as soon as possible, you should already now get rid of the management institutions that are aimed at destruction of industry and agriculture, as well as at introduction of unnatural and unhealthy everyday items and foodstuffs into your life.

It is extremely important to preserve economic and agricultural infrastructures so as later not to create everything from the beginning but to adjust them to the new technologies that your Galaxy brothers will share with you.

Well, right now on Earth there is in progress the total destruction of everything that has been created by humanity for centuries and millennia.

The agonizing race of the Dragon reptiles feeling its prompt collapse is trying to leave devastated land behind itself.

So, do not let them do it, my dear, so as to start a new life not from scratch but having a decent basis this time to arrange a full and healthy life that does not ruin your health but improves it.

And I bless you for this!

Loving you endlessly,

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on December 18, 2022.

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