The Second Coming of Christ (The Cunning Snake)

The Second Coming of Christ (The beginning)

Greetings, our dear beloved children!

Last time we stopped when we were telling you that the alien energy of separation invaded your peaceful and happy lives, disturbed your harmony and peace, changed your consciousness, and a new stage in the history of humankind began – the life of duality.

 In order to consolidate their positions and to completely take hold of human minds, the Draconians conducted a unique operation, creating human like creatures – reptiloids. Before that they had been carrying out their plans by influencing people telepathically and implanting programs of separation into their minds, but now they had the opportunity to assimilate with people and to even have common offspring.

It was happening very gradually, because people sensed intuitively that these beings did not have souls and therefore avoided them. But by using all kinds of tricks and sophisticated cunning, the Draconians managed to enter into marital relations with people and started to have children.

Why were they so determined to have children with human beings and not with other reptiloids like themselves?

It was very important for them that more and more similar to them creatures would appear on Earth, who would then gradually get hold of all Earth’s riches and that in turn would give them money and power.

They understood perfectly well that they were different from an average man, and they needed a disguise.

They knew that reptiloids born from mixed marriages would be almost indistinguishable from humans, and that would allow them to successfully carry out their plans.

However, not all children born from mixed marriages were reptiloids. If the mother or father were highly spiritual people, the sparkle of God within them always won, and as a result a human being was born.

If they were materialistic people, whose interests were limited to the three dimensional world, the seed of the reptiloids was stronger.

Often, both humans and reptiloids were born in the same mixed family, if the spiritual state of the parents was changing due to the changing conditions of life.

So how did the Draconians’ program of enslavement people through their “henchmen” (reptiloids) on Earth work?

This civilization settled in an astral plane very close to the planet Earth. In your language you would call their civilization technocratic.

Like a huge computer, it stored a database of all their representatives on Earth, expertly guiding their consciousnesses by sending energy impulses with certain tasks.

 All these tasks were of practical nature, aimed at seizing the world’s finances and power.

Their conspiracy of silence and clannishness became their “business card” on Earth.

They clearly divided everyone into “yours” and “ours,” and people responded to them in the same way, intuitively rejecting these greedy, practical and materialistic “people.”

People sensed their spiritual emptiness, the absence of God’s spark within them, even though sometimes they could not understand why they felt that way.

During many centuries of living together, there appeared a small layer of reptiloids who wanted to become more like people, and tried their best to break free from the Draconain program imposed on them and find spirituality.

These reptiloids sensed the beauty and strength of the Soul that is a part of God, and they wanted to become such Gods too.

And if this desire was sincere and was coming from the heart, a Soul was granted to them and they turned into a real human being.

However, such cases were rare exceptions to the rule.

We will stop here today, our dear ones.

Father – Absolute and Mother of the Universe, who love you beyond measure, spoke with you.

Channeled by Marta on September 28, 2017

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