The Second Coming of Christ (How to stay upon your chosen Path)

the-second-coming-of-how-to-stay-upon-your-chosen-pathGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Today we’ll continue our conversation about the Second Coming of Christ, and will speak about how to be on the watch for dangers for the Great Soul, who stepped on the path of Service.

It has become especially relevant now.

We see how many of you, who succeeded in starting their predestined path, gradually become the victims of the three dimensional world that neutralizes all your efforts.

The people surrounding a person, who has entered his Service, often contribute to his downfall, because they start to see him as a messiah, a prophet, a guru or a teacher…

As a result, such a person begins to feel as a higher being, who descended from Heaven to Earth, separating himself with an invisible wall.

He becomes the greatest authority, and his every word – an undisputed truth.

Once again, the people have created an idol for worshipping.

Certainly, you know of many such examples.

On the other hand, those who are not aware of the events that are happening on Earth, who do not know anything about the Shift, about the energy changes of our Earth and its inhabitants, about the increasingly higher vibrations; who still live completely in the three dimensional world, would consider such Great Soul a charlatan, a false prophet, throwing mud at him and denouncing him.

Of course, we have shown you two extremes, but quite recognizable ones, is not it true?

So how should the Great Soul, who completely realized who he is and why he has incarnated on Earth, behave in such a complicated situation, being torn between the two extremes?

FIRST, under no circumstances, you should speak in vain of that which is dear to you, to the people who are unable to understand you.

SECOND, do not regard yourself or your mission too seriously, putting yourself on a pedestal and speaking down to people, preaching, using complex words and expressions.

Always remember that every true concept could be explained to people with the simplest words, in the easiest and most accessible form, with humor and funny examples from your life.

And then the most serious concepts would penetrate deeply into the human consciousness and would stay there forever.

THIRD, it is unacceptable to put yourself above another person, because each of you is worthy in its own way and you are all teachers and students at the same time.

FOURTH, if you are a Great Soul, who stepped on the path of Service, your help for other people must be absolutely selfless.

The knowledge, which the Higher Powers bring to the people, using your channel for connection, does not belong to you, but to the whole humanity, to the entire Universe. It is priceless and cannot be measured in any monetary value.

And what happens, dear ones, when such principles are broken?

In such a case, your connection with the Higher Powers is lost, and completely different beings connect with you; in the best case scenario they will be the beings from the Higher astral world, and in the worst case – the beings from the lower astral world; depending on what thoughts and emotions possess you at the current moment.

And because too many factors influence consciousness of the human being, who lives in duality, he could “swim” in a very different energy range, accepting an information from the Higher Powers and from the astral beings.

His channel of communication can be compared with the unseen scale of vibrations. And depending on which level of vibrations a person stays at each moment, he attracts the beings who are at the same level of vibrations.

That is why, dear ones, it is so important to keep your Soul and your consciousness pure, which is a guarantee that the Higher Powers of the Universe would speak with you and not the ones who would like to speak in their name.

Father-Absolute and Mother of the Universe, who love you without measure, spoke with you

Channeled by Marta on November 21, 2017

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