The Second Coming of Christ (Why the Greatest Souls are returning to Earth)

the-second-coming-of-christ-why-the-greatest-souls-are-returning-to-earthGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Before we resume our conversation about the Second Coming of Christ, it is necessary to tell you how the Great Souls are coming to earth.

We want you to realize what a courageous step they take.

They have reached the top of their spiritual growth, achieving such a level when they don’t have to incarnate in physical bodies anymore, but could continue their evolution on a subtle plane, traveling throughout the Universe or uniting with their Star family.

But because these souls had incarnated on Earth more than once, they have come to love your beautiful planet with all their hearts, in spite of the most difficult tests they had to experience here.

They are grateful for the unique experience they have gained here, and because they understand very well how difficult it is for most people on the spiritual path to overcome blocks and obstacles; many of them have chosen Service to humanity as their mission on Earth.

Of course, you know the names of many of them. They are those Great Souls, who left behind good memories on Earth, the ones whom people admire, to whom they aspire, to whom they turn for help at the times of great tests.

It is such an unbroken connection that does not allow many of them to leave for other worlds; to break away from the space around the Earth; where they abide so they could observe what’s happening on Earth and help the ones who need help.

That’s how that unseen bridge between the people and the Forces of Light, who are in Heaven, is created.

But the highest form of Love, demonstrated by these Great Souls, is their decision to descend to earth again in order to continue their Service in physical bodies.

They know perfectly well that they may forget why they came to Earth, which happens quite often.

And, nevertheless, they go for it, throwing themselves down into the abyss, risking to loose that which has been gained through the centuries; and facing possibility to lower the level of their spiritual evolution.

To avoid that, they try to choose for themselves such families and such life conditions, which could help them to start their Service as soon as possible.

And now, there is such a unique environment on Earth that a few particles of different  Great Souls could live in one family at the same time.

In Heavens before the incarnation, they have decided to ensure a success of their missions and to come to Earth as a group, hoping to remember each other in physical bodies.

And the great stream of spiritual knowledge and practices that now flows from Heavens helps them to remember who they are and what is the goal of their incarnation to Earth.

Numerous people are now allowed to know their previous incarnations and even to travel in their subtle bodies to other worlds, to different planets, and to their previous lives.

It helps them to realize the responsibility before their own Souls, and remember why and for what purpose they have come to this beautiful planet again.

And such people become the spiritual vanguards of the planet  – the ones who lead others, who teach them Unconditional Love, showing them an example of a true Service – sincere and selfless.

Like magnets, they attract to themselves likeminded pure souls and gradually the Family of Light on earth is growing, paving the path for the others.

And we are happy that more and more particles of the Great Souls, who courageously descended to Earth at this crucial times, honorably fulfill their mission of Service for humanity, which they have taken upon themselves before coming to Earth.

But we’ll stop here today.

Father-Absolute and Mother of the Universe, who love you without measure, spoke with you

Channeled by Marta on November 18, 2017

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