The Second Coming of Christ (Ascension)

the-second-coming-of-christ-ascensionGreetings, our dear beloved children!

So, everybody found Yeshua safe and sound with no signs of tortures on his body.

The news of his Resurrection spread all over Jerusalem.

His disciples were walking along the streets sharing the blessed piece of news inviting people for the homily Yeshua was going to make at a small hill not far from the cave he resurrected in.

Not all the people believed the evangelistic messagers but most of them saw the excited and inspired faces of the men delivering the news and still followed them. And little by little a huge crowd gathered at the bottom of the hill.

Yeshua got up the hill. He looked into the faces of the people surrounding him and recognized many of them as they witnessed his execution.

He was happy with it because he knew it was them who were in need of his words most of all.

His homily after Resurrection differed greatly from the numerous ones he made good work of all through the land of Judea.

It was not long but comprised all the knowledge he had, all the experience he gained including the lamentable death upon the Cross.

When he began to speak silence fell and the people circling him seemed to be holding their breath.

He was speaking in a calm, melodic and confident voice and at the same time it was full of limitless and all-forgiving love, tenderness and kindness to such an extent that many didn’t notice they had started crying.

Some of his execution witnesses fell on their knees and begged forgiveness.

Yeshua asked them to rise to their feet and said he had nothing to forgive, that they are Gods just like him but their conscience was dimmed and they didn’t know what they did.

He explained to them that their sincere contrition is “the key” to open a different world free of anger, hatred and cruelty, the world ruled by Love, Good and Forgiveness that each human has at the bottom of their heart.

These wonderful thoughts and emotions were “locked” by the Dark forces, reptiloids, who acquired human appearance, seized power on the planet and enslaved human conscience to set up the programmes generating low frequency energy, for it is the only thing they could feed on.

Yeshua’s words were clear and simple enough to penetrate the people’s souls and the truth of his words was beyond any doubt.

They believed with all their hearts that he is a Heaven envoy arrived on the earth just to deliver the Divine truth to them, help to acquire self-respect, love to oneself, one’s neighbour and every living thing under the sun.

Everyone was perfectly Blessed, the Lord Himself seemed to have come down to the earth and His Love and Light dissolved all the dirt and dark accumulated in the humans’ souls turning them into Angels who would spread the Heaven Divine purity they were lucky to get to know…

When Yeshua felt that the people were blessed and saw their miracle transformation he understood that his mission on Earth was completed, he had done the most of himself and it was high time to go once and for all.

He will help them from the subtle level of Earth where he will be able to see and hear every single soul and support it in despair assisting it in preserving the priceless and immortal Divine particle that each human possesses.

Yeshua gradually dissolved in the air and disappeared with the astonishing crowd watch this…

Here we will stop for today.

Father – Absolute and Mother of the Universe, who love you without measure, have spoken to you.

Channeled by Marta on November 8, 2017

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