The Second Coming of Christ (The Arrest)

he-second-coming-of-christ-the-arrestGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Thus,  let’s continue our story.

Yeshua decided not to wait until he is arrested, but went to Pontius Pilate the next morning.

Besides, he sensed how much Pilate was suffering from headache, which had gripped him after reading denunciation.

The guards immediately brought him to the quarters of Pilate, who was half reclining on the ottoman near the open window. He felt as if his head was exploding. For entire night, he could not close his eyes, because the pain had not stopped for a minute.

Pilate opened his lids with difficulty and looked at Yeshua with pleading expression in his eyes.

Yeshua silently came over and put his hands on Pilate’s temples.

What happened next seemed like a miracle to Pilate. He felt like gentle fresh breeze, coming from Yeshua’s hands, carried away all his pain.

He was physically feeling as it was flowing into the hands of this wonderful man and disappearing without trace.

His face became pink and his eyes took on a lively expression. Now he looked like a completely different person.

Yeshua took his hands off Pilate’s temples and said, “It had happened because you perceived a lie in that denunciation; and, at the same time, you know that you have to go on with that. Again, you are presented with a choice and your soul is suffering.”

Completely astonished, Pontius Pilate looked at him silently. He was immeasurably grateful to Yeshua, because he had helped him to get rid of the unbearable suffering; but he realized that his suffering was just beginning, which meant that his headaches would return too.

He felt weak and helpless next to Yeshua, who radiated such Love and spiritual strength that Pilate was completely bewildered, not knowing how to behave with this man.

But what Yeshua said next, completely confused him.

“Do not think of anything now,” said his savior, You need to rest and save your strength for tomorrow.”

“I will give you one advice, which would help you to ease your soul. Let my destiny be decided by the people who would gather at the square.”

“If they will desire my death, let it be so, but it would not be your will and your wish. You would sleep peacefully, knowing that you are not guilty of my death.”

Pilate had stayed silent for a long time and then said quietly, “I will pray to all the gods that it won’t happen.”

Then he called the guards and ordered to take Yeshua to prison. He ordered to feed him well and to put him in a separate cell.

The next day, the usual trial was scheduled for the three criminal, who had robbed and killed people, terrifying the residents of Jerusalem and surrounding areas.

But the accusations against Yeshua had not been the lesser crime in the eyes of the local authorities, because he had “robbed” them in a different way, taking many hundreds people out of their power and control, transforming the obedient and subservient citizens into the free and independent people.

At those times, public executions in the main squares of the cities were very common occurrences, and the crowds of people gathered to watch these terrible spectacles.

Quite often, the authorities played in so called democracy, offering the crowds to decide the destiny of the next criminal sentenced to death.

That’s what Yeshua had had in mind when he had given Pilate such an unusual advice.

But we will stop here today.

Father-Absolute and Mother of the Universe, who love you without measure, spoke with you

Channeled by Marta on November 2, 2017

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