The Second Coming of Christ (Judas)

the-second-coming-of-christ-judasGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Thus, we’ll continue our story about the last days of Yeshua’s life.

They were filled with joy and pain, determination and sadness – those contradictory feelings that are common for a man before taking a decisive step, when he is summing up his entire life on Earth.

Even though, Mary had expected this resolution and prepared herself for all these years, she was overwhelmed with a deep feeling of sadness; it was so difficult to imagine her life without Yeshua, because she was seldom separate from him.

With all her power, she tried to be strong and peaceful, attempting to maintain her usual ironic attitude, but she was not very successful.

The same thing happened with Mother Mary.

Yeshua, as best as he could, tried to calm them and asked to remember that he would always be near them and they would definitely feel that.

The time has come to think not of himself, but about the mission, for which he had come to Earth and which he had to complete.

He was not frightened to part with his life for the sake of his Teaching, which would save numerous people; which would become an island of Light amidst the cruel world of duality; which would be a safe haven for their souls and where they could find peace and harmony, warmed by the Love of the Creator.

Understanding how difficult it would be for Yeshua to look at their suffering, Mother Mary and Mary Magdalene have tried to see in him not a husband and son, but a Divine man, who was immortal and who would help to reach immortality to many thousands of other souls.

It gave them strength to accept with Love that sacrifice, which Yeshua was going to give.

What had happened in the following days was similar to saying good bye to his past life, his disciples, his loved ones.

Yeshua was trying to say to each of them something that he had not said before, to speak heart to heart, to reassure them.

Some of them intuitively felt about the upcoming important events and worried about their Teacher.

And then the day has arrived when Yeshua gathered his favorite disciples for a festive supper.

The supper had become the last one for them. Never again they would gather together.

And what Yeshua said during that evening, was some kind of summing up of what they had done during these years.

He expressed gratitude for their devotion to the cause, blessed them for continuation of their Divine mission, and said farewell.

And only in the end, he uttered a mysterious phrase, “May happen that which must happen, and may each of my disciples fulfill his mission, regardless of what it may be.”

Saying that, he looked at Judas closely. Yeshua’s gaze was full of love and compassion.

Judas could not tolerate his gaze and averted his eyes. He understood that Yeshua knew everything about him. He was gripped with such trepidation and sincere remorse that he wanted to die.

But everything has been already done, and he was powerless to change anything.

Several days ago, he had written denunciation against Yeshua where he had accused him of being a charlatan and a fraud.

In his denunciation, he had written that Yeshua, with the help of the Dark forces, had changed the consciousness of the people and as a result they became dangerous for society, because they would not obey any human laws.

Everything in that denunciation has been a lie, from the first to the last word, but Judas, who was possessed by the pride and jealousy for his Teacher, had written it in a confused mental state.

It seemed that his Ego had revolted and acted independently, pushing out of his consciousness all his good human qualities…

He was terrified at what he had done, but he could not do anything anymore; because he found out yesterday that his denunciation had gotten into the hands of Pontius Pilate, for whom it has been addressed.

We will stop here today.

Father-Absolute and Mother of the Universe, who love you without measure, spoke with you

Channeled by Marta on November 1, 2017

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