The Second Coming of Christ (The Return)

the-second-coming-of-christ-the-returnGreetings, my dear beloved children!

We have reached the point in our story, when Yeshua and Mary Magdalene finally stepped on the path of their Service, for the purpose of which their Soul incarnated on Earth, this time in both male and female principles at the same time.

The fact that in Agartha they accepted only one male half did not mean that the knowledge and experience received by Yeshua, did not extend to his female half.

That’s exactly what happened, when Yeshua finally reached the familiar home and embraced his beloved Mary, his own part, and their son who had grown a lot.

What happened next was similar to magic.

The energy field of Yeshua, it seemed, absorbed within itself all the subtle bodies of his beloved, transforming them into radiant bodies of light, filling them with energies of the highest vibrations.

This immediately reflected on her physical body. The face of Mary, her radiant eyes, all her appearance took on Heavenly luminosity, glow and unexplainable gentleness.

She became the embodiment of Love and Goodness. It was Femininity in all its beauty and deepness.

For her, the return of Yeshua became not only a reunion with her beloved husband, but the beginning of their new – yet unexplored life in their new quality as God-Men…

Yeshua shared with her everything that happened with him in Agartha. He told her about his trip to their native planet, and what a wonderful welcome he received from their Star family.

He “led her by the hand” along the entire fairy-tale route, that he had just completed himself, and she eagerly absorbed all his sensations, impressions, the energies of those places, and was imbued with the vibrations of ancient civilizations that once lived on Earth and the energy of their Star family.

She felt how all her consciousness, her body, her entire being were changing…

She understood that this process was irreversible, that she also enters this wonderful, previously unknown to her world forever – to live in it and to carry to the people of Earth this Light and Love, that was filling her now; and that would henceforth be the purpose of their life with Yeshua.

She accepted this Service with joy. She knew that no one and nothing can force them to turn off this path, which their Soul chose before coming to Earth.

She accepted this great responsibility, this “weight” that fell on her shoulders,  with Love and Gratitude.

They were both perfectly aware of the danger they could face in Jerusalem, where they had to return. Where the power of money and cruel laws ruled, suppressing the will of man.

The consciousness of the people was not ready to accept the Divine knowledge, and there was a great and painstaking work ahead of them, the work that would demand all their energy and time.

They came to a very difficult decision – to leave their beloved child under the care of their benefactors; because they had such a long road ahead of them, and their future was completely uncertain.

But here, in this blessed home, where he was loved as their own son, the child would be in complete safety, well fed and dressed, and what was even more important, the spirit of Buddhism reigning in this home was very close to them.

They would be happy if their son could absorb this purity and Love for all sentient beings, which was the essence of this ancient Indian religion.

However, this parting was not easy for them. But the peace and safety of their son outweighed their parental love.

After saying good bye to their benefactors and kissing their darling little boy, they went to search for a caravan, that would take them to Jerusalem in the shortest possible time.

Father-Absolute and Mother of the Universe, who love you without measure, spoke with you.

Channeled by Marta on October 12, 2017

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  1. Raisa says:

    Thank you so much, great revelation!!! So touching!!!


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