The Second Coming of Christ (The First Miracle)

the-second-coming-of-christ-the-first-miracleGreetings, my dear beloved children!

So, a new stage in Yeshua’s life began, because he now felt not like an ordinary man, but as a being who had been on the other side of the veil, separating the material world from the subtle.

He was given the opportunity not only to keep the memory of this trip, but to bring the state of being in high vibrations to the three-dimensional world, and, most importantly, to learn to live in the physical world without “losing” these vibrations.

He was fully aware of this great responsibility, but, on the other hand, he wanted to preserve his other human qualities and to remain his joyful, ironic, open, friendly self, as well as a loving husband and father, and not turn into a guru, that preaches to people with a sense of his own importance.

He wanted to still be an ordinary person, who changes the world with the power of his Love.

And Yeshua decided to start small – by trying his healing abilities. Soon such an opportunity came around.

When they arrived in the village, from which they began their journey, the guide offered Yeshua to spend the night in his house, before going on.

The father of the guide was laying on a mat in the corner. His entire right side was paralyzed.

Yeshua went up to him, stretching his arms forward in such a way that he could cover the body of the old man, closed his eyes and, in his mind, enveloped the man in  the Divine energy of Light and Love, that was flowing from his heart chakra in a powerful stream.

Yeshua imagined how the motionless flesh of the old man comes to live, as black sticky clots of energy dissolved in the stream, becoming a golden light.

He “saw” with his inner eyes that the old man gets up from his mat, happily gazing around, not quite believing his happiness…

And this picture was so bright and vivid, that Yeshua understood that his experiment succeeded.

He opened his eyes and saw that the old man looks at him intently. Then Yeshua looked at the paralyzed arm. The fingers of the man’s hand first twitched tentatively and then began to move.

The guide, who was witnessing the scene, rushed to his father, threw back his cover and started to watch what was happening with his body. It began to come alive before his very eyes.

His family, hearing his happy cries, gathered around. They looked first at Yeshua, then at the old man, not believing their eyes.

And only after the old man slowly, carefully, with the help of his son, got up, they finally believed in the reality of the healing miracle.

They looked at Yeshua like he was God descended from Heavens. And he stood happy, with a joyful smile on his face; and when they asked him how could he create such a miracle, he answered shyly that Mount Kailash had shared its power with him.

Now Yeshua knew that he really was able to transfer to Earth all the Divine knowledge and mastery that the inhabitants of Agartha gave him so generously, and that from now on these gifts will be his faithful companions and assistants for the rest of his life.

The hosts of the house thanked him generously, equipping him well for the long journey ahead, and without delaying anywhere further, he started on his way to his beloved family.

We will stop here today.

Father-Absolute and Mother of the Universe, who love you without measure, spoke with you

Channeled by Marta on October 11, 2017


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  1. Raisa says:

    Remarkable story and history comes alive here when we witness the first miracle!


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