The Second Coming of Christ (Crucifixion)

the-second-coming-of-christ-crucifixionGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Thus, our narration has reached the moment of Yeshua’s execution.

Everything that happened later appeared so inhuman and terrifying that it seemed unreal.

Yeshua fully realized how lowly people had fallen, if torturing other people could give them pleasure; what kinds of demons had taken possession of their consciousness; and how deeply their Divine essence, the main part of being human, has been hidden.

He has not felt any pain when the executioner had nailed him to the cross; he has not heard the screams of the crowd. He has been in a vacuum, separated from this cruel world, but he has still looked and looked at the faces of the people, who surrounded the place of the execution.

It seemed he penetrated into each of their souls. He has seen what a long path was ahead of them; what difficult tests they were destined to go through; how much suffering they will experience before they could learn love and compassion, which means to rise to the realization of themselves as particles of God.

And he asked and asked Father to help these fallen souls to purify themselves from filth; to clear their consciousness; to return them human character; and to set them on the true path.

And then a collapse has happened. It seemed that Yeshua-spectator could not bear this monstrous site anymore and left the Earth plane for a while.

When he had awakened, returning to the “audience,” he saw that it has been already an evening and the square has become empty. His favorite disciples, and Judas among them, were taking off the cross his lifeless body.

The face of Judas has been distorted with so much pain and suffering, that Yeshua wanted to take him into his arms and calm down as a small child – such a deep remorse he had sensed in the soul of Judas.

Next to them, he saw teary eyed wife-Mary and Mother Mary.

Yeshua guessed that Pilate had allowed them to take his body off the cross and to carry it away to the safe place, not leaving it to be tortured by the wild beasts.

He observed as they laid him down on a thick coverlet and slowly carried through the narrow streets of Jerusalem, illuminated by the moonlight.

Everything has happened under the dark cover of the night, to avoid people’s attention.

He was carried into the cave where the death bed has been prepared with several layers of fir branches, covered with the quilt.

There were jars with pure water for washing his body.

His disciples were standing there while his beloved wife gently and carefully washed his body, from time to time covering with kisses his face and wounded hands.

His beloved mother was standing there. She had stopped crying already, but it seemed her face turned into a stone from sadness and suffering.

After finishing purification, Mary Magdalene asked everybody to leave her alone with Yeshua until the morning.

He saw as his mother bundled her in the warm shawl and came out of the cave following his disciples.

Yeshua could not stop admiring his beautiful wife. Her face, illuminated by the flame of the candle, expressed so much gentleness and sadness, love and compassion, that she seemed as an incarnation of femininity on Earth.

Mary looked at him intensely and waited when he would fulfill his promise, given her before they had said farewell – to return to her after death.

And then, Yeshua, gathering together all his subtle bodies from the higher vibrational spaces and concentrating them with the act of will in the powerful energy mass, had filtered them through the unseen membranes that separated him from the third dimension, and entered his lifeless body.

We’ll stop here today.

Father-Absolute and Mother of the Universe, who love you without measure, spoke with you

Channeled by Marta on November 6, 2017

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