The Second Coming of Christ (The Crucial Meeting)

the-second-coming-of-christ-the-crucial-meetingGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Let’s continue with our story.

Yeshua and Mary returned to Judea. This time they settled in Jerusalem to feel the energy of the city and learn about the changes that happened during the years they were away.

Gradually, Yeshua found his disciples, dispersed throughout the land of Judea.

They were extremely happy about his return. They told Yeshua what they were able to do during the time of his absence.

Unfortunately, their hard work wasn’t crowned with much success, because the disciples lacked the charisma inherent in Yeshua and the Unbounded and Unconditional Love that he radiated, and they could not demonstrate to people the miracles of healing.

Yeshua did not share with them all the details of the Divine plan, that God-Father had prepared for him, but simply tried to calm them and instill hope and faith in their own strength in them.

Soon, he had a vision that he was standing on the shore of the river Jordan, holding a white dove in the palm of his hand.

He regarded this as a sign that he definitely had to go to the river Jordan, and that it was the place where the sacred rite, of which God-Father had told him about, would take place.

Yeshua and Mary set off on their journey. And several disciples followed them as well.

During their journey, it seemed to Yeshua that all this time someone invisible was leading him by the hand, and eventually brought them to a small village that was located on the shore of the river Jordan.

There they heard about a strange man, who had recently appeared there and made a huge wooden cross.

Yeshua found out with great excitement that this man’s name was John…

That’s how “the prologue” of the great play, conceived by God-Father, started.

The next day, Yeshua found this mysterious man.

In his appearance, he did not look any different from a typical wanderer, but there was such deepness and wisdom in his eyes that Yeshua did not have any doubts that before him was that Great Soul of whom God-Father had spoken to him about.

Yeshua and John started to have an unhurried conversation, as if probing each other.

But very soon, they both realized that their meeting was not a coincidence, and that it would become crucial not only for themselves, but for many other people too.

John, feeling unlimited trust for this charming young man, whose eyes radiated kindness and love, told him what had happened to him several months ago.

During one of his prayers, he asked God to reveal to him his true mission in life. He felt that he came to Earth for something important, but could not understand exactly what for.

And, to his great wonder, he heard the voice of God:

“My son, you came to Earth to give people the Symbol of Faith, and this Symbol should be embodied in the Cross.

From now on, you will tell people that the Sign of the Cross will become that Divine “impulse,” that will help them realize themselves as a part of God and return them their lost abilities to live and create in the rays of Light and Love.

But for this to happen, you must perform the rite of Baptism. It will carry in itself a symbolic cleansing from abomination and will consist in the fact that, by putting the sign of the cross on someone and then submerging them into the water, you will revive them to a new life, and help them find their true essence as a God-Man.”

Father-Absolute and Mother of the Universe, who love you without measure, spoke to you.

Channeled by Marta on October 24, 2017


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