The Second Coming of Christ (Reptiloids)

the-second-coming-of-christ-reptiloidsGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Today we’ll speak with you about the reptiloids.

Now when you know the true history of humanity, it would be easier for you to understand what is happening on Earth.

It is very sad to admit, but despite all the efforts of the Higher Powers to free humanity from the power of the reptiloids, who are solidly entrenched on Earth; despite numerous spiritual deeds performed by the great souls, who had come to Earth at different times and in different countries; reptiloids could hold on their power. And not only hold on the power, but to strengthen it.

Why had it happened?

The truth is, dear ones, that these beings do not have Divine souls, which means they lack those subtle organs of feelings, which human beings possess, who have many nuances and shades of feelings such as consciousness, honor, worthiness, compassion, empathy, tact, gentleness…

Of course, a person living on Earth is subject to many emotions, because the world of duality is filled with negative energies. And they draw people in like a funnel, depriving them of the opportunities to live in joy and harmony with themselves and with the world.

Nevertheless, human beings possess a certain inner barrier – a deep realization of their Divinity, which does not allow them to step over the line, behind which starts GODLESSNESS.

But the reptiloids lack such a barrier, because their souls have different nature, which is based on Ego with only material needs, and on the division of everyone as “us and strangers.”

It happens because their upper chakras, which unify humans with God, are blocked, and they are not capable of the generosity of the spirit and unconditional love.

Reptiloids had worked tirelessly according to the program, installed in them by their “masters,” the Dragon race.

The essence of the program was to enslave the consciousness of the people, to kill their Divine origin, and to make people their “servants.”

And this is the truth, dear ones, which you need to know in order to resist the “occupants” of your earth, who, in contrast to you, do not have any moral rules or barriers.

They are the “generators” of all kinds of negative energies, because this is their main “fuel,” without which they simply cannot exist.

They draw this energy from the most different sources, taking charge in media, placing their representatives in the positions of power in TV, radio, creating social media networks on the internet – this universal “web” where an undeveloped young souls are caught…

They seduce people, imposing false concepts about life, and forcing them to pursue material values, in detriment to the spiritual ones.

And we must admit that they do that very subtly, skillfully and deviously.

The final goal of their actions is to transform people into the faceless uniform masses, who could easily become subjects to the stereotypical thinking and behavior imposed on them.

And in order to reach these goals, they don’t stop at anything. They kill people with GMO products, artificially created vaccinations, expensive medications, which not only don’t help people, but, on the contrary, decrease their immunity and create many illnesses.

In such a way, they try to artificially regulate the population of Earth, making a huge amounts of money at the same time.

All the financial institutions are in the hands of reptiloids for a long time, which means they have power, because in the world of duality money and power are indivisible.

But their worst crime against humanity is in the chipping that started everywhere, which means “robotization” of the people that allows complete control over them.

We cannot wait any longer.

And we believe, dear ones, that the Second Coming of Christ, which we’ll address in the following messages, would save you and your Earth from perishing.

We’ll stop here today.

Father-Absolute and Mother of the Universe, who love you without measure, spoke with you

Channeled by Marta on November 15, 2017

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