The Second Coming of Christ (The First Sermon)

the-second-coming-of-christ-the-first-sermonGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Thus, we’ll continue our story.

As soon as Yeshua stepped on the shore, the crowd parted and many people prostrated themselves before him. They decided that it was God himself who descended to them from Heavens.

People outstretched their arms towards him, asking for his blessing and help.

A young woman, with unnatural and stiffened expression on her face, attracted Yeshua’s attention. He understood that she was blind.

He stopped in front of her and asked gently how long ago she became blind. She responded that it has happened several years ago as a result of an accident.

Yeshua stretched out his arms towards her, and felt that the Light started to flow from his palms into the blind eyes of the young woman with strong pulsing currents.

This current was so strong that she screamed from pain. But in a moment, she opened her eyes and froze from amazement. She slowly moved her glance from Yeshua to the people surrounding them, then she looked up in the skies, squinting from the bright sun, and suddenly realized that she regained her sight.

Recovering after initial amazement, people surrounded Yeshua in a tight circle, and one after another started to ask him to heal their loved ones. Now they did not doubt that God himself, incarnated as a man, was standing in front of them.

And then Yeshua decided to speak his first sermon. It seemed to him that right now the people, who witnessed the first rite of Baptism, will be able to understand its meaning; what it was carrying for the people; and why it was important to go through this rite.

He started from afar, remembering the first lessons the Essenes have taught him.

He tried to explain the truth to the people in a way as simple and accessible as possible, demonstrating with examples from their own lives how the Laws of the Universe, forgotten by them, were working.

He was talking about simple things, but filled them with completely different and deep meaning, as if he was opening the veil, where Divine truth was hidden.

People listened to him, holding their breath, so touching, melodious, pure and sincere was his speech.

The voice of Yeshua mesmerized them. It penetrated inside their souls, entering the hidden corners within.

The most important message that Yeshua wanted to explain to people was that everyone of them is capable of doing miracles, healing themselves and their loved ones; and it depends only on them what kind of life they would have – happy and joyful one or full of grief and suffering.

He wanted to help them to remember that each of them was a part of God and they have mastery over everything.

But for that, they had to go through the rite of Baptism CONSCIOUSLY, which would help them to wash off “the dirt” that adhered to them – such as greed, jealousy, selfishness, lies, hypocrisy, all that was so prevalent in life and what made them and all people around them so unhappy.

The rite of Baptism would help them to return their Divine essence and to fill their lives with Light and Love, Kindness and Compassion, Sincerity and Purity.

And then they would become truly happy. They will not live anymore in fear for their future, for their loved ones and for their lives.

They would know that their Souls are Divine and immortal, that our Father and all the Higher Powers are always near us, and they will find in them a support for all their good deeds.

They will gain a self-confidence and become the true creators of their lives.

They would heal themselves and others with Light and Love.

And he himself was an example of that, when he let a part of God inside during the rite of Baptism.

That’s how his Service has started, which would continue to the last day of his life on Earth.

We will stop here today.

Father-Absolute and Mother of the Universe, who love you without measure, spoke with you

Channeled by Marta on October 26, 2017

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