The Second Coming of Christ (Winds of Wandering)

the-second-coming-of-christ-winds-of-wanderingGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Thus, let’s continue with our story.

After his first successful sermon, Yeshua decided to continue such

communications with the people.

But now his preaching had a different foundation, after finding that “key,” which he has been seeking for so long.

That knowledge, which he has learned from the Essenes, and later has completed in his communications with the Priests of Agartha, he could now teach to the people together with the Symbol of Faith.

He knew how human beings were designed, that they definitely needed proofs and also certain fetishes, which will help them to stay permanently with the new energies and will help to maintain the level of their changed consciousness, without letting them fall into the lower vibrational energies of the third dimensional world.

And the Baptism was becoming such a fetish as a purification from the the old lower vibrational energies and the Sign of the Cross as a symbol of staying in the energies of Light and Love.

Yeshua explained to the people that the line connecting the third eye and human heart symbolizes unification with the Divine principle and it fills them with the higher-vibrational energies; but the horizontal line – crosses out everything unnecessary and alien to the human beings, which have clung to them during the reincarnations in the three dimensional world.

He taught people about the incarnation, which has been the basis of his Teaching, revealing the meaning of the existence of the soul, whose goal was its spiritual growth.

He explained to people that each new life, filled with Light and Love, brought them closer to God, and opened for the previously unseen opportunities to stay on the subtle plane of the Universe forever, not returning to Earth anymore for the new difficult tests.

He saw that not all the people were capable of accepting new knowledge; that some of them were still at the very beginning of their path.

It seemed they could not tolerate that Light, which surrounded Yeshua. It crushed at the impenetrable wall of their mistrust, anger and aggression.

And because Yeshua remained peaceful, undisturbed and loving, even towards them, caused even greater irritation in these people.

These undeveloped young souls were very hostile towards Yeshua’s sermons, calling him sick, crazy, dissident, someone who causes harm to society.

They were writing denunciations against Yeshua, and demanded his exile from the land of Judea.

But much more often during his wanderings, Yeshua was meeting with pure souls, who hungrily absorbed the new knowledge, accepting it with their whole hearts. They sensed its purity and its Divine source.

They felt as if they were expecting this wonderful man, this messiah, who would open their eyes to the world, who would explain why life was treating them often so cruelly, and who would teach them how to live in joy and prosperity.

Thus, it has continued for several years. Yeshua walked around the whole land of Judea preaching his sermons, demonstrating the rites of Baptism, miraculous healings, and gaining more and more disciples and followers.

Mary, his faithful wife, was always with him. She supported him with her love and care, trying to make his personal life easier, regulating the unending stream of people, eager to get a miraculous healing.

Very often, they were joined by the beloved mother of Yeshua, who completely shared their views and their lifestyle, although she sensed with her mother’s instinct  that some kind of danger was awaiting her son…

We will stop here today.

Father-Absolute and Mother of the Universe, who love you without measure, spoke with you

Channeled by Marta on October 27, 2017

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