The Second Coming of Christ (Pontius Pilate)

the-second-coming-of-christ-pontius-pilateGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Let’s continue with our story.

Mother Mary’s premonition has not deceived her.

Numerous denunciations, written against Yeshua and coming from all the corners of the land of Judea and rumors about his sermons, has finally reached Pontius Pilate, a Roman procurator, who at that time was the main ruler of Judea.

He wanted to look by himself at this strange man, who inspired such controversial rumors. Some people called him God, while the others – a swindler.

But Pontius Pilate became especially interested of the tales of his wonderful healing. For many years, he had suffered from excruciating headaches, which had completely exhausted him; and he secretly hoped that this man will help him to get rid of them.

Pilate ordered to find Yeshua and bring him to his palace.

But what happened next could be called a series of miraculous coincidences.

As soon as Pilate has given orders to find this mysterious wanderer, he himself “knocked at his door.”

The guards reported to Pilate that a poorly dressed man called Yeshua wants to see him.

Pilate ordered to bring him immediately.

In several minutes, Yeshua was already standing before this terrifying ruler of Judea, whose very name inspired terror in the hearts of its citizens.

It must be said that Pilate displayed considerable cruelty and was ruling with an iron fist, trying to subdue to the mighty Roman Empire all the tribes living in the land of Judea.

That is why, he has been accustomed that everyone has been terrified of him and did not dare to look at him directly.

But this man not only did not kneel or prostrate himself, but he was standing and looking at him peacefully and kindly, with interest and curiosity.

He was the one who finally broke the silence.

“Greetings, mighty Pilate! You have called me and I have come to you. I’ll try to help you and ease your sufferings!”

“But why have you decided that I called you?” answered astonished Pilate.

“I have heard the voice of your exhausted Soul,” this strange man answered him.

“And what had my soul tell you?” asked Pilate.

“She said that your cruelty is without limits, but you yourself are suffering from that, because you realize that you are going against God. This unlimited suffering is the real reason for the spasms in your head, which are leading to unbearable and torturous pain,” responded Yeshua.

Pilate remained silent for a long time and finally said, “Is my head hurting now?”

“No, because today you have slept well and your Soul is at peace. You have decided to cancel an execution of a man, whose guilt has not been proven. It have calmed your soul and brought you a temporary relieve,” responded Yeshua.

He looked at Pilate with a gentle, slightly ironic smile. His eyes radiated such kindness, love and compassion that Pilate wanted to cry.

But he could not allow himself such a weakness, and in order to hide his state said briefly,

“Good. Go and come here when my headaches resume.”

Yeshua put his hand on his chest, bowed down politely, and left the room.

But we will stop here today.

Father-Absolute and Mother of the Universe, who love you without measure, spoke with you

Channeled by Marta on October 27, 2017

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