The Second Coming of Christ (Confrontation of the Two Worlds)

the-second-coming-of-christ-confrontation-of-the-two-worldsGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Let’s continue with our story.

As soon as the doors were closed after Yeshua, Pontius Pilate allowed himself to express his feelings.

The tears were freely rolling out of his eyes. It seemed that this mysterious man penetrated the most hidden corners of his soul, and said what he have not had the courage to admit himself.

He understood how right was Yeshua – that this unending inner struggle have exhausted him not only morally but physically.

Pontus Pilate was a faithful soldier, zealously carrying his duty.

And his main responsibility was to subdue people to his will, to make them the obedient slaves of the foreigners, who conquered their land.

He understood how cruel and unfair it has been from the Divine point of view.

All this time, he have had to act against his own consciousness, against the wishes of his Soul, because he was an honorable man, and cruelty did not make him happy.

On the other hand, he loved power and worship of the people. But he understood that this worship has been built on fear and based on flattery and desire to get positions, money and other pleasures of life.

But the people’s worship of Yeshua has been completely different, because he was a wonderful man, who considered all the people as equals, who loved them equally, regardless of their position in society, their wealth and power.

He regarded them as Divine creatures and tried to help all of them.

Pilate was told numerous times that Yeshua was able to see through people. He has never refused anyone who needed his help and often even the ones who wished him harm; he has converted them into his faith, so astonishing was his kindness and all-forgiving love.

And Pilate wanted to get to know him better, to solve his mystery, to feel what was the secret of his attraction.

But still he decided to wait until Yeshua himself would come to him – to test if he would know about the onset of the new migraine.

At this time, Yeshua has settled in Jerusalem where his disciples and followers have created some kind of Christian commune. Very soon, it has become the center of attraction for the people who endeavored to find a different – Divine – meaning of life.

Yeshua and his disciples have been the true life examples of the notion that not everything in this life was measured by wealth, power and material values.

They were teaching that peace and harmony of the soul cannot be bought by any money, and that only Love and respect of oneself and the others could make people truly happy, could help them remember that everyone is a part of God on Earth.

The popularity of this commune started to frighten the authorities, who sensed some danger coming from them. They did not need free and happy people.

The programs of reptiloids have already penetrated into collective consciousness of the people, and its main principle has been to keep people in fear, otherwise it would have been difficult to rule over them.

The period of confrontation between the forces of Goodness and Evil, the Light and Darkness has begun.

But if the main protection of Yeshua has been Love, the Dark forces have had at their disposal all the time proven means – such as lies, bribery, hypocrisy, and treachery.

They would not have aversion for anything in order to keep their power.

But we will stop here today.

Father-Absolute and Mother of the Universe, who love you without measure, spoke with you

Channeled by Marta on October 30, 2017

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