The Second Coming of Christ (First steps)

The Second Coming of Christ (The beginning)

Greetings, my dear beloved children!

Ler’s continue our story about Yeshua’s youth.

He stayed in the commune of the Essenes long enough, until he was eighteen years old.

During the four years of his stay, he gained not only a lot of spiritual knowledge, but also mastered several professions, which helped him make a living later in life.

He learned carpenter’s skills, how to fire clay and make beautifully shaped jars.

He also became a great gardener, and was able to create wonders even on the dry and stony land, because everything he touched, yielded great fruits.

He mastered a gift of public speaking, which helped him express his thoughts clearly, logically, and to the point in such a great way that they touched people’s souls and stayed in their memory for a long time.

But the most important gain from these four years with the Essenes, was the UNCONDITIONAL LOVE that they generously shared with the world and humanity.

Yeshua always participated in group meditations with the Essenes, and he increasingly realized what a great strength and power could one achieve by coming in contact with the Divine energy of Light and Love.

He learned how to create a state of wellbeing within himself and how to remain filled with Love every time he felt sad or was overwhelmed with fatigue and discontent.

He started to feel the energies of different vibrations as if they were alive, and as if juggling them around, learned to transform low vibration energies into high vibration energies.

It helped him very much in his later life, which would not be easy. Possessing such a skill, allowed him to stay undisturbed, loving and compassionate in any circumstances, even most tragic.

It was not easy for Yeshua to leave the Essenes commune, which became a real family for him. He grew attached to them with all his heart and felt completely safe there.

But he understood that it was time to start his independent life; that his mission, unlike the mission of his teachers, was different. He had to carry the knowledge, received from the Essenes, to the masses; he had to reveal the Divine Laws. He had to explain to them how a life lived in accordance with the laws of duality can lead to a great spiritual fall.

He had to bring Light and Love to all people. The Light and Love which were so generously given to him by the Essenes and by the Higher Forces, whose presence he always felt.

After receiving the blessing of his parents and teachers, he embarked upon his independent path, armed with the belief that all the Forces of Light will always help him in difficult times.

But after immersing into the whirlpool of city life and interacting with its inhabitants, he realized what a great abyss there was between the spiritual purity that he got accustomed to whilst living with the Essenes, and the way of life of the majority of people whom he was destined to meet.

His attempts to talk to them about non material subjects were met with misunderstanding, distrust and mockery.

This young man seemed to them strange and odd, alien and mysterious.

The fact that he was too young was also a factor, because in those distant times admiration for old people was considered to be one of the greatest virtues.

Thus, Yeshua’s first attempts to bring his spiritual knowledge to people were not successful. He had nothing left to do, but to start living in this society, trying to understand people’s psychology, their needs and demands.

In other words, he had to learn how to approach people, how to speak their language, operating with concepts familiar to them. He had to become one of them without losing his purity and spiritual potential, which he already had when he came to Earth and which were strengthened by the Essenes, his dear teachers.

A new page of his life began – his coming to the masses of people.

Your Father – Absolute and Mother of the Universe, who love you without measure, spoke with you.

Channeled by Marta on October 2, 2017

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