The Second Coming of Christ (The beginning)

The Second Coming of Christ (The beginning)

Greetings, our dear beloved children!!

Today we begin a series of our joint channelings. They carry a balanced energy of the male and female principles, which you now need very much.

Let’s call this series of our conversations “The Second Coming of Christ.”

Dear ones, you live in a unique time, when a whole epoch of your planet’s life – historic, geographic and energetic, is coming to an end.

First, we will discuss the historical part.

As you already know, life on earth arose several billions years ago, and it was conceived in such a way that all the creatures living on it, could live in joy, Love and harmony.

And so it was for quite a long time until this blessed land attracted attention of some alien civilizations, who decided to make it their own “testing ground” where they could acquire a unique experience incomparable to anything else, and in turn bring their own experience and knowledge to this beautiful planet.

Their intentions were very peaceful and loving, and because of that they managed to preserve the original harmony.

Their experiments consisted of the following: they implanted their genes into the bodies of people living on Earth, changing their DNA’s and thereby enriching their genes and bringing genetic material of other Galactic beings into them.

As a result, the Earth acquired a unique gene pool that incorporated the diversity and richness of different extraterrestrial civilizations.

It is similar to your modern mixed marriages between different races that became so common now.

Such genetic interference had both positive and negative sides.

On the positive side, there was the “new blood” that really enriched humans and launched in them the mechanism of processing a lot of information of all kinds: mental, emotional, physical and energetic.

It can be compared to how, as you move from class to class in school, the curriculum becomes more and more complicated.

But in this case, such an advanced program started from the very beginning, taking man to a new level of development from birth.

Such an interference into the human gene pool really gave a new impetus to its development and brought new bright colours into the life on Earth.

In what way was it expressed?

People began to have pronounced abilities in different areas, depending from which civilization their prevailing genes were from.

People started to have technical or creative mindsets, artistic abilities, musical talents, practical personalities or on the contrary freedom-loving and unpredictable, or temperamental and cold personalitites.

All of this has been preserved in you to this day, our dear ones. That is exactly why you are all so different. The legacy of your extraterrestrial ancestors has been trailing behind you for thousands of years.

Very soon your scientists will learn to determine which alien civilization you belong to by calculating and analyzing peculiarities of your genes.

It will bring positive results because it will become scientifically proven that all of you are one Galactic family, which will be reunited in the very near future.

We will stop here today.

You Father-Absolute and Mother of the Universe, who love you beyond measure, spoke with you today.

Channeled by Marta on September 27, 2017



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