The Second Coming of Christ (Farewell to Agartha)

the-second-coming-of-christ-farewell-to-agarthaGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Now, the time has come for Yeshua to leave Agartha and to step upon his own journey.

He understood that the unseen presence of his Heavenly Teachers would support him very much, and that knowledge filled his entire being with calmness and confidence that everything would be exactly as it was intended by the Creator and his own Soul.

The minute of their parting came, and it became a great, final chord that raised him to a height unseen by a human being before, and sounded in him until the end of his earthly path.

In the main Sanctuary of Agartha, the Elders of all civilizations inhabiting the country gathered together.

They blessed Yeshua in a wonderful way. Each of them imparted an energetic impulse, characteristic of their own civilization, into him.

It was similar to the way a family prepares their beloved relative for a long journey, putting their gifts in his or her travel bag.

But those Divine gifts, which the residents of Agartha shared with Yeshua, were truly priceless. They contained a concentration of all the best things that each civilization had derived from their own experiences on Earth.

In other words, they were nourishing Yeshua with the highest vibrations that had ever existed on the planet.

He absorbed all the experiences of Earth accumulated for thousands of years, so that he could later share them with people and help them remember their great origin and return them Home – to God.

And in the very last moment God-Father himself came to bless his beloved son.

He appeared as a dazzling flash of golden light.

It was Love in its pure form – Unconditional, Unlimited, and All-Encompassing.

It penetrated every cell of Yeshua’s body, gradually expanding and filling the whole space around  – the whole planet, the whole Galaxy, and the entire Universe.

He did not feel his body anymore. It dissolved in this Love just as his consciousness.

And he was carried out of the land of Agartha on this beautiful, Divine wave of Love. After a moment, he found himself at the same place where his journey to this wonderful country started.

To his astonishment, the same guide was standing next to his mule, as if they had parted a minute ago.

But the guide did not see him. He was looking through him, not feeling his presence.

And then he heard the Voice of the Father in his head: “My son, in order to return to the third dimension, you have to consolidate your body. Just think about it and you will return to your former state.”

Yeshua remembered himself as he had been before his visit to Agartha, and immediately felt his body.

The guide rushed to him immediately and started to tell anxiously what had happened to him during this time.

He returned to his village, frightened by that unprecedented force that fell upon him at the foot of the mountain.

But soon an overwhelming desire to return back took hold of him. It seemed that someone invisible took him by the hand and led him to the same place where he left Yeshua.

It turned out that Yeshua was absent for only a few hours, but to him they seemed like an eternity, completely changing his consciousness and all his subsequent life.

They started on their way back. A new stage of his life was beginning, and his first wish was to embrace his beloved Mary and their son…

Father-Absolute and Mother of the Universe, who love you without measure, spoke with you

Channeled by Marta on October 10, 2017

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  1. Raisa says:

    Amazing story, thank you so much!!!


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