The Second Coming of Christ (Training in Agartha)

the-second-coming-of-christ-training-in-agarthaGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Today we will tell you about the last days of Yeshua’s stay in Agartha.

He did not feel the passage of time, because the world of Agartha was so unlike the material world of Earth – different laws were working there, both spiritual and physical.

Now Yeshua was being trained to transfer to Earth the state in which he was now, to be able to live on Earth without losing his higher vibrations, staying simultaneously in several dimensions, and moving freely from one to another.

However, what was considered ordinary in Agartha, was considered a miracle on Earth.

Thus, almost all the inhabitants of Agartha possessed skills of teleportation and telekinesis, could freely fly and walk on water, as well as manifest everything they wanted with the power of their thoughts.

Yeshua also had to learn something that had the greatest significance to people – the power of healing!

In Agartha, the need for healing became obsolete, because negative energies, and hence any illnesses, could not enter this Divine space of the highest vibrations.

But for the people of Earth the healing of life-threatening illnesses was a real miracle that could change their consciousness around and help them step upon the spiritual path.

Yeshua had to learn how to move a person into his energy field, where any disease, which consists of a mass of negative energy, would be dissolved without a trace, washed off by the Divine energy of Light and Love.

To master that, he was trained by the greatest yogis living in Agartha. They taught him how to concentrate this magic energy in his subtle bodies and to keep it there for as long as possible.

Yeshua proved to be a good student. He managed to achieve the state of constant existing in those energies, whilst simultaneously being in the three-dimensional world.

The training that he went through, could be compared to launching a person from space to Earth, where he had to maintain a state of weightlessness when walking on the Earth…

And now there was only one last necessary touch left before his return to Earth.

He needed explanations for his miracles. And that’s when God-Father came to help him.

He concisely and clearly explained to Yeshua the postulates that were to form the foundation of his Teaching.

These were the Laws of the Universe, based upon spiritual values, by following which one could find real happiness, joy, wellbeing and health; and could live in love and harmony with themselves and the world.

His Teaching was to become a guiding North Star, leading people out of the darkness of the dual world. And Yeshua himself was to become a bright example of what a person, who lives according to these Laws and knows that he or she is a part of God, is able to achieve.

Yeshua had to return to Jerusalem, which at the time was the center of attraction for many nations living on Palestinian land, and which was also an embodiment of duality, where only money and power were revered, and where a rebirth of spirituality would be of special value and significance.

He had to dissolve all the energies of low vibrations accumulated there with the power of his Love and that would change the consciousness of people and return them to God.

And he had to show them by his own example that it was possible.

Father – Absolute and Mother of the Universe, who love you without measure, spoke with you

Channeled by Marta on October 9, 2017

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  1. Raisa says:

    Thank you, I love Agartha and really thrilled by the story!!! History comes alive!


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