The Second Coming of Christ (The Path of the Soul)

the-second-coming-of-christ-the-path-of-the-soulGreetings, my dear beloved children!

We will continue with our story about Yeshua’s stay in the wonderful country of Agartha, which the Priests of Agartha started to show him.

It seemed to Yeshua that it consisted of many separate countries and civilizations, because this unique Repository of the Earth history included not only the best representatives of each civilization, but also all the unique species of its plant and animal kingdoms.

It was really an exciting trip. Yeshua was moving around this country with the Priests, who accompanied him, in a very astonishing way – they immediately appeared where they wanted to be.

As the Priests explained to Yeshua, all the inhabitants of Agartha lived in the Fifth-dimensional vibrations or higher, and that is why they could move to any point in space just with the power of their thoughts, and not only within Agartha but also beyond its borders.

And they immediately demonstrated that to Yeshua, moving with him to his Eight-dimensional planet, which was located in a different Galaxy and did not have its representatives in Agartha.

The Priests carried Yeshua there in their own energy fields, because Yeshua was still not accustomed to this wonderful magical world.

But as soon as he found himself on this planet in familiar vibrations, he immediately recognized his Home, feeling the presence of his kindred Souls, who quickly surrounded Yeshua and, it seemed, performed a Dance of Love around him.

Their bodies were so sparse and luminous that they looked like clouds pierced with sunlight.

His Soul was elated. He recognized his beloved, kindred Souls – his Star Family – and on impulse joined them in the Divine Dance of Love.

It was a fascinating sight… But they had to return to Agartha.

The goal of this journey was reached. Yeshua now remembered who he was and where he came from, and this memory could not be erased from his consciousness, which usually happens, when a soul descends to Earth to incarnate in a physical body.

In a moment, they were back in the main Sanctuary of Agartha. And now Yeshua had to regain the memory of all his incarnations on Earth, as he had descended there more than once to enable his Soul to gain the priceless experience of life in different dimensions.

They were showing him his past lives as pictures, highlighting the most important and meaningful episodes of those incarnations, which helped him remember the goals and tasks that his Soul had set and planned for him before his another descent to this beautiful planet Earth.

He understood that Earth is also his home, where he had lived before and experienced so much, where each new incarnation served to hone a new facet of the Divine Crystal of Love kept in his heart.

He suddenly saw very clearly and distinctly the whole path of his Soul – so diverse, multilayered and multidimensional.

He comprehended the depth of the Creator’s plan.

And this insight, like a lightening, pierced all his being.

He realized himself as a God-man, for whom anything is possible.

He was filled with such Love and Gratitude for the knowledge gifted to him that, it seemed, he became complete LOVE, which he wanted to share with the entire world, with all the people, animals and plants – with the whole Universe.

And he now knew that this feeling will never leave him…

Father – Absolute and Mother of the Universe, who love you without measure, spoke with you

Channeled by Marta on October 8, 2017

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  1. Raisa says:

    What a great trip, fascinating and inspiring story!


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