Your Submarine Brothers

your-submarine-brothersGreetings, our dear brothers and sisters!

We address you in such a way, because we live on the same planet as you, but underwater.

We have already told you about our civilization before. Despite the fact, that we are in a parallel world, we feel everything that happens to you, especially now, when the veils between the worlds become extremely thin.

We see that the process of the Shift is speeding up every day, and we really want you to go through it as softly as possible, without physical and moral losses.

That’s why we decided to offer you our help, and that’s what it will be.

If suddenly you find yourself in water as a result of natural disasters, which become more and more prevalent, then call on us and ask us for help.

We will definitely hear you!

The dolphins and whales, who have saved people many times before, do the same thing for people in trouble.

This wonderful civilization that coexists with people for so many centuries, learned how to read the vibrations of fear and panic that surround a drowning person, and come to help.

If one of them senses such a signal, they immediately pass it along the chain to all their brothers, and the closest one comes to help the drowning person.

You have many friends, dear ones, of which you don’t know.

But we believe that soon we will become visible to each other and able to communicate telepathically, being on the same level of vibrations.

But now we are saying good bye, and asking you to remember that we are always near you, and will come to help at your first call.

The Priests of civilization Akvator, who love you sincerely, spoke with you

Channeled by Marta on November 2, 2017

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