Purification of the ozone layer of Earth

purification-of-the-ozone-layer-of-earthGreetings, our dear earthlings!

Today we would like to share with you the last news, connected with our assistance to Earth with its shift into the Fifth dimension.

As you already know, according to the plan developed by the Galactic Federation, each of its members contributes into the common cause of saving the earth.

Our work is maintaining the ozone layer in a state which is safe for you.

Very much has been said and written about the destruction of the ozone layer and the kind of danger it presents.

But in reality, the danger is not in the destruction of the ozone layer, but in its content.

The ozone layer has a capacity for self-restoration, that’s why it is not in danger of being destroyed, but its contamination is detrimental for you and the earth as a whole.

It is like breathing contaminated air.

All the emissions from the chemical plants, leaks from the nuclear plants and much else leads to the following: the ozone layer is changing its structure and becomes denser, which prevents the free penetration of the cosmic prana to Earth, which nourishes your planet with the vital energy.

This energy nourishes the whole Universe, being a vital foundation for all civilizations.

You can say that the ozone layer is a protective membrane, which is designed as a filter through which the energetic nutrition for the earth passes.

The cosmic prana, penetrating through the ozone layer, is transformed into the most optimal and comfortable condition for all the living beings on your planet.

Therefore, it is very important that it’s content would not change and its ability to filter through would stay stable.

This is exactly our task – to maintain the purity of the ozone layer of earth.

For that, we utilize a special technology, developed on our planet, which serves to rarefy the particles of the ozone layer and to maintain its uniformity.

Our ships patrol the earth and carry on a constant observations of the state of this layer, especially in those places, where the danger of the leaks of the harmful materials exists.

Why do we do that?

We know very well how important at this moment of the Shift of your planet into the Fifth dimension is to provide it with a pure corridor – a free passage into the new world.

And in the process of this movement into the 5D, a new ozone layer will be developed around the earth; from vibrations similar to her – more rarified and filled with completely different energies.

It is quite a complicated process, but we would like you to know about it, and hope you would participate in this work, according to your capabilities.

And we would always be near you and are always ready to extend our hands to help you.

The Council of Elders from the constellation of Andromeda spoke with you

Channelled by Marta on January 23, 2018

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