Balancing the human consciousness

balancing-the-human-consciousnessGreetings, our dear earthlings!

We have come to you today to tell you about the nature of our work here on earth.

It is a very crucial period of time on Earth now, when the reconstruction of the entire system of human values in the consciousness of the people is happening, but at the same time the events of the material plane continue to develop, according to the old scenario.

These events do not fulfill the expectations of the people, and do not catch up with the growth in the human consciousness.

And it has resulted in a certain imbalance between the subtle matrix of humanity and its physical form.

It is similar to the locomotive which tries to push forward a long train, but its rail cars stay in one place, like they are attached to the rails.

And that’s why it’s happening.

The consciousness of the people, which from 2012 have started to transform very fast, already have reached the point of no return and cannot return to its previous level, even if it cannot be seen on a dense plane.

This is because the consciousness of the people like their bodies exists simultaneously on different planes.

Let’s try to imagine the clouds, which appear in the skies in several layers.

The densest and heaviest clouds are closer to earth, the fluffier ones are higher, and the higher ones are completely rarified, almost transparent.

Let them symbolize our consciousness, which exists simultaneously in the different levels of vibrations.

It’s densest levels accepts things happening on Earth as being adequate, normal and logical.

The level of consciousness that is a grade higher rejects all the human acts which are contrary to the Divine Laws of the Universe.

And the highest level of vibrations is already unable to perceive the actions transpiring on Earth, which carry the low vibrations, because it is staying in the vibrations of the Fifth dimension, where duality do not exist.

And our task consist of the balancing of all the levels of your consciousness, which means maintaining your psychological state, which helps you to shift into a new reality smoothly and harmoniously.

And now it has become especially important, because it depends on every person with which speed and with what kind of losses your Earth would enter into the space of the Fifth dimension, throwing off the burdens of the Third dimensional world.

What do we do to achieve that?

To make it very short, we level the energies of the different layers of vibrations of your consciousness to the average vibrations.

It would allow you to perceive everything that’s happening on Earth naturally, without the excessive stresses, and on the level, which is the most comfortable for you, which would reveal that picture of the events, that your consciousness is able to accept at the current moment.

For example, someone would see only a danger for ones life in the war conflict, another one – a political reason, and a third one – a deep esoteric reason for this conflict.

Another words, we bring your consciousness to a certain average level of perception, but all the nuances you perceive yourself, like someone who tunes in the short waves, someone – in medium, and someone in the long ones.

We hope that we succeeded in explaining an essence of our work, which is so important for you now.

The Council of the Elders of the planet Arcturus spoke with you today

Channelled by Marta on January 22, 2018

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