The Future Depends on You

Galactic Federation

Greetings, my dear earthlings!

The most decisive moment for your planet is coming now, when your planet enters the period of global purification, that will be expressed through a series of natural disasters.

We have already told you many times how greatly interconnected all the events happening in your world are.

Everything that happens on the energy level gradually descends to the physical plane, and this can be expressed in different ways.

For example, social disturbances in one country can cause earthquakes in another, military conflicts could trigger volcanic eruptions, and water contamination could cause floods, etc.

And very often it happens in seemingly innocent countries – not where the source of tension or ecological problems really is.

It happens because your planet is one energetic system, and it is all penetrated by the invisible energy meridians that have a very complex structure of interaction.

It is similar to the Bickford fuse, which is ignited in one place and the explosion occurs in another.

And now the negative energy, that has reached its critical point, provoked a mass ignition of such “Bickford’s fuses.”

Those who follow the natural disasters happening on Earth now, perhaps, notice that they began to occur more often and in the last several months they broke the records of the previous years and even centuries.

But people still don’t understand the real reasons behind what is happening now and continue to find  material explanations for these events.

All of this has led to the fact that your planet has to take extreme measures and teach humanity more serious lessons in order to change human consciousness, as it always happened when people got into critical situations and were on the verge of survival.

What do we suggest you do to soften the blow?

Try to understand everything not from the position of an ordinary man, who follows common opinions, drawing information from newspapers and magazines, television and the Internet; but from the position of a person who is aware that he or she is an integral part of your planet and who is personally responsible for everything that happens on Earth.

Try to merge your consciousness with the consciousness of Earth, enter your common vibrational space, feel its pain, and at the same time its Infinite Love  for you, as her own child, who is a part of it…

Ask her for forgiveness for yourself and for all the people on the planet, because you are all one whole, in spite of the fact that you live in different countries and on different continents.

You are all connected by energy threads that envelope the Earth with infinite interlacings of emotions, thoughts, feelings and actions.

Each of you is responsible for the degree of tension of this energy chain.

You can reduce the tension by sending the Unconditional Infinite Love, and it will be felt immediately in very different corners of the Earth as the impact of elements of nature or social conflicts softens.

You can also travel in your mind to a hot spot and work specifically there, enveloping people’s consciousness with the Divine energy of Love and Light, thereby dissolving the negative energies of fear and despair.

Such interference will be completely justified, because its goal will not be to influence the outcome of events, but only to help those souls who are able to accept the energies of high vibrations,  survive in difficult circumstances and continue their spiritual path.

For our part we will do the same, understanding that the souls of light, living on Earth, should have a chance to save themselves, but the choice is always theirs.

And let this be a continuation of our cooperation as members of one Galactic family.

Ashtar Sheran, who loves you dearly, spoke with you on behalf of the Galactic Federation of Light.

Channeled by Marta on September 21, 2017

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