The New Countdown

Father - AbsoluteToday starts the new countdown of time, because your planet Earth until now was able to hold on the negative energies, accumulated over time, and prevent them from exploding; but now the Earth is unable to hold them inside or to allow their physical expression in small doses anymore.

As it often happens, dear ones, the energies accumulated inside of you for a long time, explode later in a wild and unpredictable way.

The same thing happens with your planet.

The lightworkers, who worked tirelessly trying to help the Earth, could only soften the explosion.

But unfortunately the great masses of the Earth population still remain in the deep sleep of third dimension, because their consciousness is still blurred by the programs encoded by reptiloids.

But even those people, who perfectly understand all the prevailing lies and hypocrisy, express their protests through aggressive actions. Such actions not only don’t help but even make things worse, because the negative energies of the protests, such as anger and hatred, add up to the negative energies penetrating the Earth space.

And such energetic mass now increased to such unbelievable size that the Earth shudders from its enormous weight, weighing heavily “on her shoulders” and she attempts to throw it off.

How would it be expressed?

A wave of natural disasters will happen all over Earth; with intention of stopping all increasing hostilities between the countries, between the members of governments of different countries, and between the people of different social classes.

The Earth attempts to “shake off” her ignorant children as if is “screaming” at them,

“Dear ones, wake up from this terrible dream!”

“Stop it!! Change your mind!”

“You don’t know what you are doing, destroying yourself and Me!”

“Remember that you are the children of God! You create your own reality!”

“Then why don’t you want your happiness and flourishing?”

“Why do you banish yourselves into the darkness of grief and despair?!”

“Then may be a common sad destiny will unite you and return you to the Light and Love; that was your natural energy a long time ago and helped you to create a happy and beautiful life?!”

Thus, dear ones, the Earth gives you a chance to change your mind.

She hopes that grief and destruction will unite you, help to purify you from “the dirt” that adhered to you during the long centuries living in duality. The Earth hopes that your love for each other and for the planet will win, and all the feud and differences between you will stop.

But regardless of what happens, I ask you to radiate the energies of Love and Light into the world, and not the energies of fear and despair!

Dear ones, help yourself and help your planet!

Summon for help all your Divine helpers!

May all the Forces of Light of the Universe be with you!

I bless you, dear ones, for the wise and calm attitude towards upcoming events!

Accept it with Love and Gratitude as the most difficult lessons that are so necessary for you!

Father – Absolute, who loves you without measure, spoke with you.


Channeled by Marta on October 22, 2017

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