WINDOW ON NEW WORLD (Way of thinking)

window-on-new-world-way-of-thinkingGreetings, my dear beloved children!

As a follow-up to my previous message today I would like to talk in more detail about logical and abstract mentality.

And for a start, let us recall such expression as “way of thinking”.

It is actually based on abstract perception of reality that goes beyond the bounds of linear mentality.

Such notion as “way” does not imply anything specific itself – unchangeable or merely material but rather something imaginary – the things that are incited by Soul rather than Mind.

It is absence or presence of imagination while thinking that determines one’s mentality type.

If one has a well-developed imagination, it is much easier for one to perceive a voluminous life picture not getting obsessed with merely material issues of little importance.

So that you get a better idea of what is at issue, let us have a case study – the most acute at present.

What did people who feature logical mentality see when all around the world there was announced the so-called “pandemic” and then everyone was locked down for “quarantine” and made to wear face masks?

Having experienced fear for their life because of the “fatal” virus, they arrived to a logical conclusion that for safety sake they had better stay home and if they have to go outside, they should protect themselves with a face mask so as not to get infected.

This is how linear – logical – mentality works.

This is what globalists staked at and, as you see, the majority of the planet’s population obeyed all their absurd and incongruous orders without a murmur.

And only a small segment of people who feature intuitive – imaginative – mentality plucked up their courage to “go against the stream” opposing the violence in respect of themselves in every possible way.

It happened because their Soul was literally “shouting” that all this is an artificially created insanity that is aimed at submission of people’s will and depriving them of their freedom of thinking and acting independently.

And listening to their intuition keenly now they started searching for the evidence of what it prompted them as a result of which they found a lot of proofs that all this was one point in the deep state’s plan on enslavement of humanity.

Well, it was not that hard to do having combined abstract and logical mentality in oneself.

What immediately aroused suspicion was that all the mainstream media all across the globe followed one course literally burying people under the flood of intimidating “facts” and under the threat of punishment appealing them to take “safety” measures.

Such an excessive “care” for population that has been untypical of the authorities’ representatives before should have alerted any sensible person.

Yet, common people’s logical chain of conclusions has won, of those who are in majority on Earth.

And the chain was like this: fear of falling ill and die – desire to protect oneself with a vaccine – extra safety as masking and other restrictions.

And, of course, of great significance was fear of the authorities that has taken deep root in human subconscience.

As for those who feature integral mentality, the key thing for them in this case became the image of a slave that high and mighty were trying to turn them into and that they rejected at the level of Soul disregarding material or moral expenses.

This way, thanks to their abstract way of thinking these people managed to see the concealed motives of the ruling top’s behaviour and then making use of logical way of thinking they found a great deal of evidence and proofs of it.

Here we will stop for today.

Loving you endlessly,

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on August 27, 2023.

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