energy-balancingGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Today I would like to make some kind of a review of the current events on your planet.

But we will consider these events from the energy point of view.

As you already know, the agony of the Dark Forces on Earth is now showing itself in a more apparent way and though realizing their defeat they are still trying to somehow keep afloat.

The things going on your planet resemble the revelry of elements.

And while the actions of authorities being guided by the world government resemble “tornados” of the local significance, the new energies arriving at Earth can be compared with “tsunami” sweeping away all the obstacles on the way.

The power of these new energies is incomparable with the third dimension world energies that have had their days.

But this high vibration “tsunami” features not destructive but constructive principle.

It is cleansing the energy field of Earth from all the negative energies accumulated on her and corroding the souls of all her inhabitants causing unbearable suffering to the planet herself.

A whole epoch on Earth is coming to an end that in spite of the swift technological progress has run the course of spiritual degradation.

And the living beings that made humanity endangered are now experiencing animal fear for their life.

They were so sure of their victory that lost vigilance and started acting in a way rough and shameless enough to rouse protest even in those who were dutifully following all their instructions and guidance.

There has begun mass reviving of humanity and it is impossible to stop it now.

All that the Dark Forces can do at the physical level now is to take advantage of mass protests of the planet’s population and to get their energy dividends.

They are trying to introduce the elements of hatred and aggression into any actions of people directed against authorities and their absurd instructions.

Thus, criminal groups created by the hidden government are embedded almost in all peaceful protest actions initiated by the best representatives of humanity.

Thereby they are making attempts to decrease collective human conscience vibrations turning the energies of Unity, Peace and Love into the energies of separation, fear and aggression.

And this energy confrontation at the physical level of your planet has also reached its final stage.

Unfortunately, not many understand this and respond with aggression to aggression, hatred to hatred, fear to humiliation.

So now, my dear, your top priority task is energy balancing of these processes, which will help your planet out of the centuries-old oppression by the Dragon reptiles and coalition of the Greys who seized Earth.

How should you carry out this balancing?

As often as possible imagine collective human conscience as a huge human silhouette and pass the Energy of Ascension through all its chakras starting from the seventh one then grounding it in Earth core.

For the plenitude of sensations you can even imagine being inside this silhouette as an integral part of collective human conscience.

Do your best to make all the chakras vibrate at the same frequency taking the fifth chakra’s vibrations as a model.

It will be sufficient to “pull up” the average vibration frequency of collective human conscience to the height unreachable for low vibration creatures.

Please, my dear, do this practice as often as possible.

Now it is as important as ever.

I bless you and love you immensely!

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on December 8, 2020.

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