there-is-no-coming-backGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Today I would like to remind you once again that the reality you got used to does not exist any longer.

It is almost a year since the overwhelming majority of the planet’s population has been living not their life but the one imposed on them by the criminals who seized power on Earth.

And the problem is that these criminals operate in an underhand way by means of their marionettes instilled into all institutions of power.

Why do these people, who are more often turn out inhumans, blindly obey their invisible masters?

Why has this ominous liaison embraced all spheres of human life depriving them of freedom – physical, psychic and information?

Why have all the mass media got so rotten through as to become a single mouthpiece of the hidden government conveying to the population only the things beneficial for these criminals and the things promoting their total humanity enslavement plans?

The reason for that is cupidity and fear.

Since all finance is in the grip of the hidden government, they buy everybody and everything.

These “masters” of the planet pay big money to government officials and sometimes even presidents of some countries and their prime ministers, they implant their representatives into the key information channels and big pharmaceutical companies are being subsidized by them, which enables them to feel rightful proprietors there.

They brazenly interfere in the home policy of different countries forcing their “moral” principles on them aimed at ruining universal human values and imposing the dirtiest and most perverted things imaginable.

They make children’s souls crippled depriving them of their right for appropriate upbringing and education from the very childhood making them meet the standard of easily controlled crowd and imposing quite dubious life principles and moral values on them.

In other words, they ate trying to turn the planet’s population into obedient, faceless, sexless, weak-willed, spiritually deprived grey mass.

They do not spare any money to bribe field employees – executors of their will who implement their policy of population enslavement.

And the latter in their turn work off the money invested in them that is incomparable with the money an average person can get by fair means.

And the second reason for that worldwide collusion is fear.

The things these creatures who sold their souls to Devil are most frightened with are losing their prosperous life and privileged status.

Moreover, they are afraid of being disclosed understanding that sooner or later this frankpledge of lie will be revealed and they will be punished for all their crimes against humanity.

And this fear makes them act even in a more aggressive and shameless manner.

Being aware of the fact that there is no way back they are trying to bring to a final victory the things originally conceived in an accelerated mode.

Making the advantage of the “pandemic” situation imposed on people they use it as a pretext for compulsory vaccination being in a hurry to “digitize” all the planet’s population, with no unscrupulous methods and forcible measures being alien to them.

And now it is essential to get united and repulse these representatives of the Dark Forces instilled into all power-holding structures of your society.

Remember that they are driven by fear that you do not have any longer therefore it will be not hard at all for you to win them over.

They will not be able to withstand the power of your Spirit and your energy purity, your Unity and invincible Will to live in a new world of the revived Earth.

Keep in mind that this “colossus with feet of clay” has already been defeated at the subtle level of Earth and all you have to do is to bring to a final conclusion at the physical level the work carried out by the Forces of Light and your Galaxy brothers.

And I bless you for this!

Loving you endlessly,

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on December 8, 2020.

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