WINDOW ON NEW WORLD (Vibration indicator)

window-on-new-world-vibration-indicatorGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Today we will talk about the way your physical sense organs respond to the high vibrations of the fourth dimension.

And we will start with organs of hearing since your ears are very sensitive to any energy changes.

Those who have been working with energies for a long time are likely to have noticed that it is by means of ears that you get hints from the Forces of Light.

It occurs in a variety of ways but more often the respond to an increase or decrease of your vibrations shows up as an increasing or decreasing ringing noise in your ears.

And sometimes it can even cease at all, which is most often the case during energy attacks that pull you to the world of low vibrations.

What is the reason for such a reaction of a person to vibration drops?

The thing is that your auditory system is a natural “radio set” that can catch waves of different frequencies – called short and long for convenience.

But in this case, “short” waves are your usual condition in the world of the third density so your ears almost do not respond to it.

As for, “long” waves, not everyone can catch them because they go beyond the perception range of an average person of the third dimension world.

High vibration waves can be caught only by the one whose conscience and, consequently, vibrations have already overcome the border line of the third dimension, and such people are at least in the fourth dimension.

And the higher one’s vibrations, the more tangible the ringing noise in ears that is an acoustic manifestation of higher worlds at the physical level.

In conventional medicine ringing in ear is often considered as a disease, which actually happens but very seldom.

Most often this “abnormality” is the way the Forces of Light are trying to reach out to a person to distract their attention from the worldly routine and help them take the road of spiritual development.

Of course, it happens not to everyone but to pure and ancient souls that arrived at Earth with a certain mission but under the force of circumstances have plunged into the third dimension world and forgotten their genuine predestination.

I know that many of you feel this ringing in ear and have already got used to it.

Not only it does not bother you but helps to a large extent being an indicator of your vibration level – a broad hint that you have to improve your energy state.

In rare cases, so as to prevent one from a thoughtless action or draw attention to something, one gets one’s ears suddenly stuffed, that is, one is plunged into a “dead” silence.

This phenomenon can be regarded as some kind of a SOS signal.

Therefore, do not take it as being incidental: this way some attempts are likely to be made to save you from a rash decision that can result in consequences unfavourable for you.

But, surely, what should not be ranked among signs of interaction with the subtle level is any abnormal manifestations in your ears.

No doubt, ears, just like other human sense organs, are susceptible to different diseases that are cured both by conventional and traditional medicine.

But what I told you about in this message is just an example of physical manifestation of high vibrations that is aimed at helping you identify spiritual development level you are at the moment.

Here we will stop for today.

Loving you endlessly,

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on May 19, 2022.

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