transition-to-the-fifth-dimension-higher-powers-or-astralGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Today we will go on speaking about the way people channel messages from the Higher Powers of the Universe relying on their subtle sense organs.

As it has already been said in my previous message , the validity of the information channeled depends on person’s vibration frequency and their sixth and seventh chakras’ activation, as well as that of the pineal gland’s.

It is necessary to fine “tune” all the three Divine “aerials” of a person to keep away from one’s channel any being whose vibrations are lower than those of the Forces’ of Light.

Ideally you should do your best to maintain your vibrations at one and the same level all the time since all the pure ancient souls embodied on Earth now are watched by Dark forces with great attention, and they do not want at all these souls to ruin well-established century-old world order that enables them to keep human conscience submitted.

Reptiloids and astral beings of all kinds in an attempt to hold their ground on Earth do their best to upset such souls’ balance, which will reduce their vibration frequency and allow Dark forces to take over their channel of interaction with the Higher Powers of the Universe.

They do this really skillfully and delicately allowing, for a start, the upper astral “be up and doing” who are well informed about the current changes on Earth and good at endless “weaving” of right fine oily words on the issue of Ascension and human spiritual development.

To help you better understand the way these impostors can get access to a person’s channel, I will give you some details on the mechanism of information passage through subtle sense organs of a person.

Let us consider this looking into the following case.

Suppose, a pure ancient Soul that embarked on the path of Ascension after all upper chakras’ and pineal gland’s activation gets a channel of communication with the Higher Powers of the Universe opened, and this person starts channeling messages from them.

There are two ways they communicate: either the Higher Powers of the Universe themselves get in touch with the person whose vibrations make it possible or the person addresses them with some questions.

More often information is delivered not in the form of direct dictating but in the form of information energy packages that a person has to “decode”.

And at this stage, besides their upper chakras and pineal gland, the person’s fifth chakra also gets involved, the one responsible for creativity and self-expression.

Therefore, decoding of the information received from above depends now on individual qualities of the channeler: their education, erudition, habit of mind, character, gift for writing, literacy and, of course, before all, on the spiritual purity index.

That is the reason why one and the same information channeled from the purest source differs that much in the manner of decoding.

Moreover, people due to their individual qualities again respond to their Divine channel being opened in a variety of ways.

Some people take it with veneration and endless gratitude being fully aware of the responsibility for keeping pure the source of invaluable information granted to them by the Higher Powers of the Universe.

While others fail to withstand the pride test and begin feeling chosen and treating “common” people with superiority.

And as soon as it happens, such person’s vibrations reduce drastically, and their channel becomes vulnerable – it gets immediately seized by astral beings who take “initiative” over the Higher Powers of the Universe whose names they often use to disguise themselves.

As a rule, the person themselves do not notice this – the substitution is carried out in a very intricate way, besides, the person has already acquired a taste for being a “Teacher”, “Healer of human souls”, “Envoy of Heaven”…

In this case even the Higher Powers are not able to improve the things since they cannot get through to the person – be pulled to them according to vibrations.

That is why, my dear ones, I gave you “golden triangle” as a “point of support” that from now on should become the main “indicator” of your vibrations and at the same time a guarantee of your communicating with the Forces of Light indeed, not astral impostors.

I bless you and love you immensely!

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on October 4, 2019.

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