the-corneredGreetings, my dear beloved children!

My today’s message is aimed at reminding you about the fact that the turning point of the confrontation between the Light and Dark forces on Earth is coming, and the way each of you behaves determines the future of humanity.

And believe me, my dear ones, these are not big words but present-day reality.

After the imposition of quarantine that was artificially introduced to intimidate population in order to rule its conscience the world government faced the dilemma: to take strict measures for general vaccination and chipping or to follow a milder scenario.

They have already understood that the former variant cannot run quickly and smoothly as they originally expected since the truth about their evil deeds is filtering more and more with every single day through the information sources independent of them.

While the “milder”, more time-consuming scenario variant to be exact, does not suit them because Earth vibrations are constantly increasing, and, consequently, their own survival chances are swiftly decreasing.

So now, they mainly hope to reduce Earth vibrations due to panic among population about artificially created economic crisis.

Millions of people can find themselves with no livelihood, so high and mighty realize very well what advantages they can take of this situation.

In order to support one’s family one would do anything.

And “anything” can turn out to be vaccination, chipping, biometric documents, that is total submission to general electronic control being imposed on people by the ruling top, which leads to complete enslavement of humanity – spiritual, physical and in terms of energy.

I would like you, my dear, to have a clear idea of what is really happening on Earth nowadays.

Your planet will move into the Fifth dimension anyway since its transition process is irrevocable now.

Therefore, the question is only in the amount of people who will be able to make this Transition alongside with it.

High caste reptiloids ruling your planet, unlike the majority of the population of Earth, are carefully watching this process and are well aware of the fact it is impossible for them themselves to move into the new energy space.

But the idea it is possible for humans does not leave them in peace and they do their best to keep people in the third dimension world being guided by the “cannot have it, then no one can” principle.

It is their revenge on humanity for their deficiency – inability to gain spirituality and inner freedom they only know by hearsay and hate these qualities because they are beyond them.

They are also well aware that people possessing such qualities are of mortal danger to them.

It can be compared to a beast with its back to the wall but snarling and attacking its pursuer in an attempt to save its life.

And such a “pursuer” for reptiloids is spiritual humanity, with the main “weapon” being high vibrations.

This is the reason why I remind you, my dear, so often of the real energy war being in progress, and its outcome depending on each of you.

Keep this in mind and do your best to free as soon as possible your Earth and pure human souls from dark heavy energies by means of which they are being held within the third dimension world by these soulless beings who seized power on your planet.

I bless you and love you immensely!

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on April 21, 2020.

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