LIFE ON NEW EARTH (Way out of tunnel)

life-on-new-earth-way-out-of-tunnelGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Well, as you already know from my previous messages the energy “corridor” of human conscience influence has been created and maintained for centuries by the beings who seized power on your planet.

It can be compared with a long endless corridor literally teeming with low vibration energies – all sorts of them imaginable.

These energies collide, mix, merge together, repulse each other – in a word, they live a “full” life of powerful passions of their own, as well as the people generating and absorbing them.

But there are “emergency exists” through which one who has realized all the senselessness of such existence can break loose.

This is exactly what is happening to many of you.

You are withdrawing from the “running in circles” races of the third dimension world and advancing to a new level of your existence in spite of the fact that the world government horse and foot is trying to brick up these “exists” ascending to freedom out of the gloomy tunnel of the third dimension world.

And now I would like to offer you one more practice that will help you consolidate the result you have already achieved.

Let us call it “Way out of the tunnel”.

This is not a meditation but your everyday practice – another “tool” of yours for surviving under new conditions of transition period when you have to go on living in the third dimension world possessing the new conscience of the Fifth dimension man now.

So, each time you feel that the third dimension world passions start overwhelming you, remember what emotional bursts like this resulted in for you.

Remember their consequences at the physical level and the way they influenced your psychic condition, how long it took you to break off this energy fight and to get out of the gloomy “tunnel” overfull of human suffering.

And then imagine you open the door of an “emergency exit” and break free outside – where fresh elating air of freedom meets you, where everything is imbued with Love and Light, with the energies of happiness, joy, harmony, love and sympathy reigning.

Feel this instant transition – the enormous gap between the energies of low and high vibrations.

Perceive it physically – with every single cell of your body.

Remember this condition and initiate it every time you feel you start falling out of the new reality of high vibration energies you are doing your best to stay within all the time now.

It is this vivid and clearly perceivable sensation of the border line separating the old and the new worlds that will enable you to maintain your vibrations at the adequate frequency so as not to find yourself in the horrible dark “tunnel” again you used to live in for so long.

Feel you are a wonderful bird, my dear, that has forever left its cage and that is soaring high in the sky.

Have this exhilarating feeling of Freedom!

I bless you and love you immensely!

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on April 29, 2020.

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