keeping-calmGreetings, my dear beloved children!

For my previous message to be continued I would like to focus on one more important aspect of the current events on Earth.

And it has to do with the actions of those who embody the Forces of Dark on your planet.

Besides, it concerns both manipulators – the hidden government, and those being manipulated – executors of their “masters’ ” will at all the levels of power-holding structure.

Now they have united in a joint attempt to withstand the impending danger.

And this danger is not only in a powerful flow of high vibration energy heading for Earth but a whole series of crimes against humanity being disclosed now and that has already involved the higher echelons of society, consequently, undermining the basis of the deep state.

These beings, mostly INhumans, are perfectly aware of the imminent danger and in consistence with the habit ingrained in their subconscience they are trying to assert themselves at the expense of common people making proves of their omnipotence to people and themselves and reveling in their control over crowd.

This is the reason why everywhere the quarantine measures imposed on people are being made tougher, while masking is introduced everywhere thereby not only ruining individuality and turning people into obedient servile grey mass but also killing them physically by preventing them from breathing in a natural way.

They are still hoping to run the campaign on general vaccination and chipping of the population taking advantage of the panic and fear for one’s life of the lowest vibration segment of the planet’s population.

They are “hitting below the belt” not allowing people to travel around the world without this devil “mark” thereby depriving them of the opportunity to meet their family and friends.

But I know that those of you, my dear, who have completely awoken will never come to terms with your conscience and see quite well through the subterfuge of the Dark Forces designed for total enslavement of people.

So now there is in progress not only vibrations stratification but that one according to the attitude to the current events, which is also a part of plan conceived by the Dark Forces’ representatives – both embodied as humans, and disembodied dark beings at the subtle level of Earth.

Thus, being guided by their main principle “Divide and rule” they encourage animosity between authorities and population, among friends and colleagues, nearest and dearest having different opinions about the so-called “pandemic”.

They are on their toes to make aggression between these groups escalate with every single day therefore decreasing vibrations of people and Earth in general.

And you see the heated discussions reigning society right now, the aggression people are persisting in their rightness with and contacts of many years and family relationship being ruined.

Thereby the Forces of Dark have managed not only to split society but make it generate the energies of low vibrations they are in such need of now.

So, please, my beloved, during these crucial for Earth last days of December make all the efforts imaginable to put out the fire of the passions flared up.

For this purpose as often as possible cleanse your planet and collective human conscience from all the alien negative energies and alien programmes “burning” them with the Flame of Universe Love.

I bless you and love you immensely!

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on December 15, 2020.

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