WINDOW ON NEW WORLD (They will be recognized by the eyes)

window-on-new-world-they-will-be-recognized-by-the-eyesGreetings, my dear beloved children!

While in my previous messages we considered external signs by which you can identify the person at the very threshold of the fourth dimension, today we will focus on the energy component of such people.

I know that many of you have already learnt to feel people’s vibrations even not using chakrometer.

It occurs intuitively for you – on the go.

You automatically scan a person checking the “quality” of their energy.

But to those who do not feel the energy profile of people very well I would like to give some tips, “omens” to be exact, to help you figure out the people of rather a high vibration level according to external signs.

First of all, they can be recognized by the eyes.

As you already know, human eyes are the mirror of their Soul.

They can be lively and dead, shining and dull, kind and mad, cunning and ironic, jolly and sad, gentle and hostile…

In other words, one’s look always reflects one’s inner world no matter how hard one tries to hide it from the people around.

Perhaps, you have noticed how often one’s facial expression does not correspond to one’s eyes.

It is especially apparent in terms of a smile that is sincere only when it is accompanied by some warmth in the eyes.

While if one’s eyes remain cold, then no artificial smile can improve this.

Unfortunately, a lot of vaccinated people start losing their inner light these days, which immediately shows in their eyes that are becoming increasingly dull.

The second sign that distinguishes a person of a high positive energy profile is their being open to the world and people around.

As a rule, they are curious of everything new and unusual.

Their interests vary greatly and go far beyond the metes and bounds of the material plane.

They have a thirst for spiritual knowledge and do not immediately reject the things that do not fit into the material range usual to them.

Such people can often be overwhelmed by the “competent” opinions of recognized teachers and gurus not trusting their intuition so far, yet, nevertheless, the first step towards Light has already been made by them.

And then everything depends on who they will come across on the way and what trials destiny will send them on the road of their spiritual development.

Revived people immediately get into the patronage of the Light Forces: Angels, Archangels, Ascended Masters for whom the little “light” flaring up in such people’s Soul is well visible from the subtle level.

And, of course, they do their best for such people not to get astray from the right direction.

But you, my dear, can also become earthly spiritual guides for these people if manage to find the right approach to them wisely and tactfully sharing everything you know.

Here we will stop for today.

Loving you endlessly,

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on August 29, 2022.

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