WINDOW ON NEW WORLD (Consolidating results)

window-on-new-world-consolidating-resultsGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Well, we have come up to the last point of the plan on deliverance of your subtle sense organs from the third dimension world programmes influence.

And it is in consolidating the results of your work.

How can you check whether there are any traces of these programmes left in your conscience, subconscience and, consequently, subtle bodies?

Before all, you can understand it judging by your reaction to current events and the people around you.

This is what we get started with: these are the signs that you relied on to find these or those third dimension programmes instilled in yourselves.

So now after you have eradicated the cause for all your negative reactions to be aroused, ideally, your condition should be stable with not emotional swings or blowing hot and cold in terms of your soul.

Of course, it cannot happen immediately: for some people it will take only several meditative séances to reach such a condition, while some others will have to work longer – for weeks and, maybe, for months.

Yet, this work is really essential for you.

First of all, it is accounted for by the fact that it is now when events will start developing swiftly and for many people in an unpredictable way.

The battle of the Dark and the Light Forces has reached its crucial and physical stage of its development now.

Therefore, everything that is happening and going to happen in the world in the coming months in some extent will effect absolutely each person on Earth.

As you see, the “vassals” of the deep state are doing their best to spread aggression, panic, fear, famine and devastation all across the globe.

And, certainly, you, my dear, – those who have revived and see the whole picture of the things going on, are in a much advantageous position.

You understand that all these hardships are temporary and inevitable since what is in progress is not just breaking of the old government system on Earth but a revolution on a global scale – your planet’s moving into a new era, other coordinates, a higher dimension.

And you, unlike average men who live by merely material needs, can live through this hard period with the least moral expenditure.

Unlike them, you see the aim – the bright future of your wonderful planet, not the hell that globalists’ henchmen are trying to drive humanity to.

And so as to help other people not to plunge in the gloom of despair, you should get purified as much as possible morally, physically and spiritually for others to see in you the very island of Light that their Souls could get attracted to.

But it is only possible to become an “island” like that after you yourselves have got rid of all the alien programmes that were the ones that enabled the shadow world government to make humanity live according to their rules making use of humans as pawns in their filthy game.

While if you notice that the whirl of the events pulls you down again – into the third dimensionality, monitor what exactly was the reason for that fall: what third dimension programme is still has to be worked on – and then by all means repeat the meditation on deliverance from it.

Only after that you will become a person to rely on for your family and friends and be able to support them from quite a different level now lending them a helping hand from the fourth dimension they cannot reach so far.

I bless you, my dear, to finish the work thus significant for you: full and final deliverance from all the third dimension world programmes alien to you and for going out in the open of a new existence!

Loving you endlessly,

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on March 27, 2022.

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