WINDOW ON NEW WORLD (Disconnecting from third dimension programmes)

window-on-new-world-disconnecting-from-third-dimension-programmesGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Today we will talk about the way you can learn to feel your subtle bodies’ reaction to these or those programmes of the third dimension world.

A lot of you undeliberately feel the reaction of your lower chakras when you are “sick at heart” or you have “a lump in the throat” or your solar plexus is chilled with fear.

But now we will move on further so as to learn to monitor whole programmes rather than certain negative emotions that are triggered by them.

So as to get a better idea of the interaction mechanism of the third dimension programmes and human subtle organs, it is essential to understand the difference between a programme and a negative emotion.

Any emotion is part of one of the third dimension world programmes that serves as a “trigger” for such emotion.

A programme includes a complex – a certain set – of homogeneous energies that influence specific human chakras provoking one’s outburst of these or those emotions.

Thus, for example, the third dimension world programme “Fear of the unknown” features a huge arsenal of all kinds of fear: for one’s own life and health, as well as those of close people, fear to lose accommodation, livelihood, one’s own importance, control over others and many more.

Another programme “Following generally accepted standards of behaviour” includes the energies of pride, self-assertion, superiority, censure, comparison, jealousy, envy – in a word, is determined by the desire to keep up with the others.

One more programme ranking among the most sustained ones that has been instilled into the human conscience for centuries is “Fear of one’s superiors and submissive execution of their orders”.

It encourages such human qualities development as dislike for oneself, lack of self-confidence, inertness, weak will, servility, self-humiliation and so on.

Well, how can you learn to work with whole third dimension world programmes this time, not only with their derivatives – specific types of negative energies, which many of you have already learnt to cope with?

For a start, you should clearly identify what programme the negative emotion reiterating in your life is based on and try to bring to light other emotions accompanying it.

All of them, as a rule, are at the same vibration frequency and, consequently, interact with one and the same chakra and the subtle body corresponding to it.

And next you are to do the following.

Create an image in your mind symbolizing a “core” – the programme itself – and “rays”, “spikes”, “sprouts”, “feelers” brunching off – it depends on one’s taste.

And then imagine all these energy “offshoots” get gradually drawn inside this “core” and remain there.

As a result, you can work not with each negative energy in particular now, but with the cause it was bred by.

As soon as you get everything together, try to feel what chakra of yours this programme interacts with.

And only after that you are to cut the energy channel with the help of which your subtle bodies were connected to an alien programme of the third dimension world.

For this purpose you can use the practice Golden scissors or invoke Archangel Michael with his Divine sword and ask him to cut this tie.

The main thing is for you to feel the result: total energy deliverance from this programme influence.

Then ask the Energy of Plasm to heal your “wounds” – the spots of “connectors” location so that your subtle body that was attacked in terms of energy regains its evenness, smoothness and beauty.

And, certainly, for the work thus responsible do not forget to invoke all your Heavenly patrons and assistants.

At the end of the séance set a shield of the Flame of Universe Love at yourselves with mirror-like outer surface so as to secure yourselves from possible astral beings attacks who were deprived of energy infeed by you.

Here we will stop for today.

Loving you endlessly,

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on March 26, 2022.

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