LIFE ON NEW EARTH (Natural elements’ vibrations change)

life-on-new-earth-natural-elements-vibrations-changeGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Today we will talk about natural elements switching over to new vibrations, which is also the objective reality of the Ascension process.

As you already know, natural elements are integral part of Earth and her “inhabitants” along with people, animals and the vegetable kingdom.

Therefore, a drastic change of your planet’s vibrations alters their energy component as well.

But unlike man, natural elements do not have to change their conscience since it has always remained at the Divine level.

The third dimension world was changing and crippling their bodies only torturing and polluting them by all the means available thereby decreasing their vibrations.

And here it is possible to draw a parallel with human bodies.

So, even with the same level of conscience a vegetarian who sticks to a healthy diet and active lifestyle and a person of sedentary life keen on excessive consumption of meat, alcohol and tobacco will have considerably different vibrations as the former’s physical vessel is relatively clean and the latter has it polluted to the utmost.

The same occurs to natural elements: in some places of the planet featuring virgin nature and scanty population their bodies are clean as ever, while in big overpopulated industrial cities they are simply choking with the energies fateful to them.

Well now, so as to make Transition with Earth to the Fifth dimension, they have to make “the cleansing of their body” in order to meet new high vibration energies of your planet.

And sometimes it happens in rather a painful way for people.

So, the Element of Earth “shakes off” itself the “dust of early days” of the third dimension world by means of earthquakes, landslides, clefts and breaking of the earth’s crust.

The Element of Water shows its transformation in downpours and hail, floods and storms and sometimes, on the contrary, in many regions of the world whole rivers, lakes and even seas disappear.

This way water element responds to the artificial intrusion of man into the natural course of things, as well as to barbaric pollution of rivers, lakes, seas and oceans.

The Element of Air gets purified by hurricanes and tornadoes.

And the Element of Fire – by volcanoes eruption and fires.

And only the Element of Love remains unchangeable and free from human interference.

It is always ABOVE any events and ABOVE any beings or elements.

It envelops every living thing on Earth trying to harmonize everybody and everything thereby minimizing the destructive consequences of purification of natural elements and low vibration emotional outbursts of all the living beings on your planet.

And all this is objective reality, my dear, in spite of the fact that some of you take any wild rages of natural elements causing damage to you as personal tragedy and, consequently, as subjective reality.

As you see, everything on Earth is closely interconnected and interdependent, especially in this critical period of Transition into a new reality.

And natural elements, just as man, can enter it only being renewed having got rid of all the toxic deposits that have been introduced into their bodies by inhabitants of Earth for millennia.

They do it the way they can, and this process will cease only when your planet completely enters the Fifth dimension, with negative thoughts, emotions and actions being out of place there.

And then natural elements will exist in perfect harmony with your planet, her inhabitants and each other.

Loving you endlessly,

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on June 11, 2021.

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