LIFE ON NEW EARTH (Confrontation of Forces of Light and Dark during Transition period)

life-on-new-earth-confrontation-of-forces-of-light-and-dark-during-transition-periodGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Today we will talk about the confrontation of the Light and the Dark Forces during Transition period.

Why is it one of the factors of the objective reality of the Ascension of Earth?

The only reason is that in the dual world there are always two opposing forces – Light and Dark, while coming out of duality implies unipolarity.

And since this new unipolar high vibration world can let in only those whose vibrations will be consistent with it, low vibration souls who are representatives of the Dark Forces on Earth have hard times.

Realizing that their rule on your planet is coming to an end, they are upholding their existence and power over people up till the very last moment.

Being perfectly aware that there has come the era of energies, not words, they are doing their best to decrease human vibrations as much as possible.

For this purpose they create the conditions when people unintentionally start generating the energies of fear for their life and life of their family, aggression, annoyance, powerlessness and guilt of this powerlessness.

This is what is happening now everywhere on Earth.

Different people treat the false pandemic imposed on them differently, as well as masking and vaccination, but even if people’s reactions are diametrically opposite, nevertheless, they are mostly negative.

Some people caught by panic terror for their life dutifully fulfill all the authorities’ instructions, others realizing all the absurdity of the current situation and knowing who is at the bottom of this crime against humanity still generate negative energies in respect of the authorities and those who holds the ring.

Moreover, the former and the latter feel annoyed towards each other.

As a result, the Dark Forces playing off the former against the latter, receive enormous amounts of negative energies, which facilitates their keeping afloat and at the same time retarding the Ascension of Earth they are out of place.

And this is objective reality you should take into consideration.

Unfortunately, most people on Earth go on living in their subjective reality.

And these people divide into two groups again.

One segment obediently following the authorities’ demands up till vaccination live in hope of getting this way the usual life back piously believing that by their obedience they make the long-awaited “freedom” closer.

The other segment is those who see the picture in the raw and know the underlying reason of these events but often go to another extreme and live by dreams of Ascension only subconsciously alienating from the surrounding reality.

As a result, they also create their own world of subjective reality.

The right thing to do would be actually combining in one’s conscience two realities – objective and subjective, which will speed up the process of the Ascension of Earth.

But it is only possible when you learn to preserve high vibrations which will allow you to stop feeding the Dark Forces on your energy and to start filling yourself, collective human conscience and your planet with high vibration energy.

Of course, this work is not easy, and it is not within the depth of each of you.

But if you learn to scan each thought and emotion of yours on the go “repainting” any dark negative thought into a light positive one, it will be enough to make your great contribution to the matter of the Ascension of Earth and assistance of humanity in general.

As far as rejection of the events occurring around you, fencing off from the reality unpleasant for you, you deprive yourself of the unique experience of open confrontation to the Forces of Dark that can assume a variety of forms, methods and shades.

This way you can cognize thoroughly and comprehensively this never seen before and absolutely unique experiment on Transition of an entire planet with people to the Fifth dimension.

And at the same time it will help you harmoniously combine in your conscience the objective and subjective reality of the current events.

And I bless you for this!

Loving you endlessly,

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on June 9, 2021.

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