LIFE ON NEW EARTH (Communication corridor of Light)

life-on-new-earth-communication-corridor-of-lightGreetings, my dear beloved children!

So, we go on talking about the interaction of the Light and the Dark Forces at the subtle level of Earth.

And today we will talk about the way the Light Forces manage to “get through” the astral layers to reach people.

So as to get a better idea of mechanism of the Light Forces’ influence on the beings inhabiting the subtle level of your planet, you can imagine the globe encircled by a ring of dark energies.

This is the very “dirty film” that was spoken about in one of my recent messages.

And so as to get through to the person who asked the Light Forces for help, they have to make some kind of a corridor connecting that person’s energy space with the dimension where lives the Light creature willing to help them.

Well, what happens to the astral beings finding themselves in such corridor’s range of action?

Being unable to withstand the energies of very high vibrations, they “scatter in all directions”.

It resembles the way a searchlight or a bright beam of light cuts through the dark making a shining path.

In our case this is an energy corridor of the highest vibrations, the one just where occurs the “joining” of the person’s conscience who has managed to increase their vibrations to the frequency enabling them to “reach for” the communication with the Higher world with that of the representative of it who has answered their calling.

And within this “corridor” there occurs your communication – you get information in this or that way: clairvoyance, intuitive understanding or receiving energy-information package.

Well, what is going on at this moment with the astral beings who were forced out of their usual places?

Depending on their vibration frequency they can be at this or that distance from the light corridor of your communication.

Thus, the upper astral beings can “hear” your talk and, if for some reason your vibrations decrease, they can take advantage of the situation and intrude into your channel in the name of the Light Forces.

Since they are well-informed now, it will be not easy for you to feel the substitution, and you will be quite sure that you are talking to the representative of Light that you invoked.

The middle astral beings, in their turn, can reach the vibrations of the upper astral beings and, consequently, as your vibrations decrease, they can also intrude into your channel of communication with the subtle world.

They are easier for you to identify because they do not possess the knowledge as rich as that the upper astral beings enjoy.

The same way, one by one down the chain from the middle astral beings the lower astral beings get involved into the issue of Ascension as well, who are also eager to participate in the crucial process of Earth’s Transition to another dimension.

But, as you understand, this Transition is fateful for them so they will do their best to decrease your vibrations misinforming you by all the means available and introducing chaos and panic into your energy space.

“Well, what about the Light Forces? – you can ask. – Cannot they drive these beings off?”

Of course, they can, my dear, but they cannot violate one more Law of the Universe: “Like attracts like”.

For it is you who caused the decrease of your vibrations and, consequently, your channel attracted the beings who were at the same wave length with you.

The Light Forces cannot do your work for you – CONSTANTLY keep your channel of communication with the subtle world clean.

Only you yourself can do this advancing your spiritual level and drilling the skill of ALWAYS being balanced and calm keeping your high vibration frequency stable.

Here we will stop for today.

Loving you endlessly,

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on September 1, 2020.

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