LIFE ON NEW EARTH (Rescue team)

life-on-new-earth-rescue-teamGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Now we will focus on one more aspect of interaction of the Light Forces and the Dark ones.

And this time we will talk about the way the Light Forces help stray souls that got stuck in the astral to ascend to a higher level of the subtle world.

Sometimes human souls that left the physical level cannot break free from the astral captivity for a long time since at the death their vibrations were too low.

But if Maternal Soul sees that its particle has the chance to advance to another level of its development, it asks the Higher Powers to help it overcome obstacles on the way to higher dimensions and speed up the process of purification.

In the near-earth space there is a whole “team” of the Light beings who help disembodied human souls to get used to the subtle world after they leave the physical level.

Well, what exactly do they do?

Before all, they sort these souls according to vibrations and accompany them to the level of the subtle world they can be pulled to at this particular moment.

As you already know, during the first days after one’s physical body’s death human soul is looking through all one’s life so as to learn the lessons of this incarnation.

Sometimes it can be quite painful since all emotions are taken in a more vivid way – in the raw and, besides, one understands that even having realized one’s mistakes one cannot improve the situation and help the people who suffered because of them.

And then these souls are given a helping hand by Light beings who relieve their sufferings and send them the energies of Love and Sympathy.

Thereby they increase these souls’ vibrations preventing astral beings from seizing them.

Unfortunately, my dear, everything that happens to you on Earth goes on after you leave the physical level as well since the energy one consists of does not disappear but simply moves from the dense matter to the subtle one, as well as their conscience does that is part of this energy.

The only difference is that human Soul can communicate here only with the beings that are just as disembodied as it is itself now.

Just as on Earth it is surrounded by good and bad people, so here it is surrounded by good and bad creatures: light and dark.

And if astral beings are trying to make these souls their spoils provoking these negative emotions just same way as on Earth, the Light beings are doing their best to help them advance to a higher vibration level since their next incarnation depends on it.

Well, what does a disembodied human soul feel at the moment it realizes its mistakes?

Most often it suffers and feels enormous guilt.

But, as you already know, it is very low vibration energies that lower astral beings live on.

And if it is a light and pure Soul, the Light beings lead its conscience to another direction – constructive one helping it take the experience gained for granted, with Love and Gratitude sometimes explaining cause-effect and karmic ties with other people.

Thus, increasing this disembodied Soul’s vibrations they protect it from astral beings and help it move to higher levels where it will be able to enjoy the break for its further spiritual development at the subtle level of Earth this time.

And at the next level this Soul is met by other creature of Light – of higher vibrations.

As you see, my dear, subtle level’s life is rather varied, while the Light creatures assist people at all the level of existence.

Here we will stop for today.

Loving you endlessly,

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on September 1, 2020.

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