LIFE ON NEW EARTH (Dragon reptiles)

life-on-new-earth-dragon-reptilesGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Today we move on to the subject of the Dragon reptiles that are a step down in the Dark Forces hierarchy.

They are gene-modified creatures who are a symbiosis of two souls: an original – natural – dragon and a reptile one that was artificially created this time.

This is absolutely unique energy structure that was developed for the purpose of exercising permanent control over those who are traditionally called “high and mighty” and who have established and sustain on your planet the world order similar to the one created by Archon and Demon creatures at the subtle level.

The dragon soul of this creature is at the subtle level and is invisible for common people, while the reptile one is embodied as a human being.

But these souls are not equivalent or equal since the reptile soul is in full submission to the dragon one that not just controls the conscience of the reptiloid embodied but their actions as well – gestures, facial expression, manner of behaviour.

It can be compared to the way an artist performs with a puppet on their hand.

It should be noted that Dragon reptiles are not that many on Earth.

They are mostly the top of the world government hidden from people that always stay in shadow since most of “dirty” work is done by the visible part of it – high caste reptiloids who will be spoken about later.

What is the role played by the Dragon reptiles in destinies of people?

They carefully watch all the events on Earth and design the worst course for them to take.

What do I mean when say “the worst”?

Thus, for example, any discontent of people, whatever it is caused by, that in usual situation could be quickly eliminated by the adequate measures of their government is fanned by them into serious conflicts, revolutions and wars.

And they use all their devilish arsenal for this encouraging and intensifying any negative human emotion to the extent it turns into an obsession and a fanatic crave for aggressive actions which in the long run results in bloody conflicts, wars and revolutions.

And when there happen calm periods in life of people so as to replenish their nourishment they scheme for provocations of a global scale sometimes.

And one of the glaring examples is the prearranged by dragon reptiles explosion of skyscrapers in New York that itself gave rise to a powerful source of the energies of fear, horror and sufferings of the people shocked by the event and later on was the pretext for unleashing wars in a number of Arabic countries, which this time turned a real feast for Archon and his demon army.

The same way all the revolutions and wars were unleashed in the history of humanity.

So, what is the mechanism for such a creature’s two souls’ interaction – dragon and reptile?

It is in the fact that the dragon soul at the subtle level develops a concept and a clear-cut plan of actions on Earth and the reptiloid soul embodied implements it.

The reptiloid conscience is not free at that but totally subordinates to a stronger and more powerful dragon soul that completely runs its “better half”.

Here we will stop for today.

Loving you endlessly,

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on August 16, 2020.

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