On earth and in heavens

on-earth-and-in-heavensGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Today I will continue speaking about the changes that have taken place on your planet this passing year.

Besides crucial changes concerning filling Earth with high vibration energies, there have occurred a lot of changes at the physical level as well, many of which were initiated by the dark side and aimed at preventing earthlings from Transition to a new level of their existence.

In other words, this year the confrontation between the Dark forces and the Forces of Light has reached its final stage.

Society stratification has reached its climax not only in spiritual sense – in terms of energy – but also in physical and material one.

And this is what I mean.

Feeling hopeless in the face of the coming changes on the planet that are gaining in strength with every single day and that are now impossible to prevent reptiloids are making desperate attempts to reverse the situation and keep power in their hands.

And this time the latest human conscience control technologies have become their main tool for achieving their goal.

The heads of many countries forced by the hidden world government ruled by reptiloids try to legalize the introduction of such destructive for humans innovations as general chipping of population, obligatory vaccination, setting on the territories of their countries G5 installations that will be the ones to trigger the mechanism enabling not only to take over total control of every planet’s inhabitant but also to rule their conscience with impunity.

As usual, reptiloids represent these fatal for humanity advancements in a skillfully disguised and catching manner.

Everything they do is thoroughly considered and carried out step by step.

People were made abused, like to drugs, to the Internet, cell phones, navigators, and they cannot now imagine their life without them.

So, at present most people will do anything in order to possess more “advanced” gadgets.

That is the reason why all suggestions on their life “improvements” with the help of cutting-edge technologies are taken with delight by many people, especially, by the youth, with no hesitation about the price they will have to pay for this.

And the price is huge indeed.

Human beings pay for these “conveniences” imposed on them with their pure souls – enslaved conscience, lost individuality, and, consequently, total depersonalization.

At the physical level it is really hard to resist this for the people aware of the tragedy of the present situation since nearly all the authorities and mass media are in the grip of reptiloids.

Yet, due to the same Internet pure information is leaking into the society.

Many brave souls take the courage to communicate truth to people – to prevent them from falling down to the precipice on the brink of which they are standing.

Therefore, humanity has found itself being endangered and on the way to salvation at the same time.

And the uniqueness of the situation is in that humanity can save itself not by usual power methods as it has been practiced for many and many centuries but ONLY BY MEANS OF ENERGY this time.

Only raising their vibrations to the level that created by reptiloids advanced technologies will not be able to reach people will manage to resist their conscience enslavement and to move with Earth to the Fifth dimension.

Only revived Spirituality of humans will manage to hold a victory over non-spirituality of present-day masters of the world.

Therefore, turning to Light on Earth you will be able to dissolve Dark, my dear ones!

And I bless you for this!

Loving you endlessly Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on December 20, 2019

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