LIFE ON NEW EARTH (Mary Magdalene)

life-on-new-earth-mary-magdaleneGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Today I would like to tell you about the woman who official religion treats in different ways but who is a Saint by the right of her complicity to the feat of Yeshua.

And we will talk about Mary Magdalene.

As a matter of fact, she played a significant role in life of Yeshua since she was his faithful assistant in all his activities.

She developed and advanced spiritually along with him.

Their energy and spiritual mergence became the very basis that selfless life of Yeshua relied on.

Extraordinary femininity of Mary Magdalene, her tenderness and Love set off masculine qualities of Yeshua, sustained the strength of his Spirit and Belief in himself.

They were together everywhere and all the time.

The hardships of nomadic life united them even more, while easygoing and cheerful disposition of both of them helped them overcome the obstacles on the way with optimism and belief in better future.

Of course, the main load Mary Magdalene was destined to befell after Yeshua left the earthly level.

But knowing all the details of the grand project of the Creator, she courageously accepted the Crucifixion and Ascension of her beloved husband having appropriately played her part in this Divine performance that was to remain in people’s hearts and souls for centuries.

Fortunately, she knew about Yeshua’s ability to leave the physical body and, consequently, not to feel any suffering on the cross.

And after his Ascension till her last days on Earth she went on communicating with Yeshua in a telepathic way.

Thus, their Souls went on existing in a single energy space with the only difference being in the fact that one of them passed to the subtle worlds, while the other one carried on living in the physical body.

Everything Mary Magdalene was doing after Yeshua passed away can surely be called the continuation of his activity on Earth.

Not only she tried to preserve his true Teaching but also to disseminate it farther away – in Europe where she soon moved to with her daughter and Yeshua’s mother Mary.

And despite the role of woman being humiliated in every way that time, she still managed to cultivate the seeds of truth in minds of thousands of people, and many worshiped her as a Saint even during her life.

After her physical death she reunited with Yeshua at the subtle level where they continued their Service for the sake of humanity together.

And now, when Earth is entering the Era of Aquarius – the era of feminine energies – on your planet there have incarnated thousands of particles of the great Soul of Mary Magdalene.

Some of them have switched over to full-fledged Service helping people develop spiritually, while some others simply convey to the world tenderness, love, kindness and endless femininity the embodiment of which the better half of Yeshua – his Twin flame – Mary Magdalene was.

She is actually a Saint – this unusual woman who managed to become the main person to rely on for the one who people worship as God’s son Jesus Christ.

And now, just like Yeshua, she gives her Love to anyone who asks for support and helps make the last steps on the way to Transition to another dimension.

And the fact that she is not as respected by public is only explained by the fact that the clergy perverted her real essence and humiliated her role in life of Yeshua deliberately concealing the truth from people.

Ask her for help, my dear, just as you do in respect of Jesus and Virgin Mary you love, and she will respond your calling by all means.

Here we will stop for today.

Loving you endlessly,

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on October 19, 2020.

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